Saga 13 - The Ether Ship Reaches Earth

Saga thirteen: The Ether Ship Reaches Earth

A brilliant fluorescence of energized radionics catapulted the great universe cruiser star ship Ether Ship into the matrix of the galaxy. All star systems were catalogued and referenced for their interconnectedness during the journey to Earth, and all geometric force field relationships were verified. It was a time for the entry back into the Earth's solar system located at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

All reports about Earth from the Light Workers, and the planetary scans were being analysed by Captain Van Flight, Vestra, and all the other members of the frontal civilization on-board the Ether Ship. The 300 year journey to Earth had been completed, and the light workers were now reporting back to the Ether Ship. What caused the magnetic disturbance that was detected in the deepest regions of the universe was the question Van Flight was trying to answer. Earth's star children could not be put in danger of evolving into a new star civilization. Now the focus was on a small child living on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. Contact with a star child had been made.

George had no idea as to how much information he had absorbed from Baruk and Raline. The additional knowledge transmitted from the Central Civilization would also be essential in the near future when all of Earth's star children would have to once again journey to other star systems, and seed the "Bright Ones" reflections from the great giver of movement and measure in the universe. There would come a time when George would have to use the great star chart crystals for the voyage to the next star system.

George returned to his home, and it was in his dreams he began to experience waves of stars, and water, and images rushing in his mind. Then he began to see people all talking to one another, and then he saw someone walking through buildings, ancient buildings, and then George discovered he was that person walking, but now walking in his home town of Nahant. It was a curious experience for George, for now he would explore all the rocks and caves on his own. He was not aware of his meanderings, but it was coded into his memory that underneath the very town he was living in there were the great star chart crystals waiting to be used in the next great mission to the stars.

Van Flight was preparing the great universe cruiser star ship Ether Ship to journey back into the Milky Way galaxy looking for the source of the magnetic disturbance on Earth. Somehow it seemed another civilization unknown by the Central Civilization was interfering with the evolution of the star children on Earth. The ability for the Earth humans to separate matter was not part of their evolution into star children. This was a premature use of knowledge, and somehow a break in the human coding system triggered the use of knowledge that would be used in the far future when the star children would be seeding other suns in the universe. All members of the forward civilization were alerted that they were leaving Earth's solar system. All observation ports were occupied to watch the solar system recede as the Ether Ship made headway for a destination unknown. Most of the light workers had returned to the Ether Ship. Baruk and Raline had stayed on Earth along with many other light workers to monitor the continued evolution of Earth's star children. Some of the light workers did not survive Earth's environment. The initial mission uncovered that all the magnetic fields on Earth had been severely disturbed. The coding sequence and the timing frequency for Earth's birth of the star children had also been disturbed as a result of the magnetic fields being disrupted. The discovery of matter being separated was the cause that enabled the Ether Ship to detect the disturbance so far away in the universe when it was on an exploration mission to seed other suns. The use of this energy was never to be used so soon.

The detection of another life form wanting to use the energy from the Central Civilization for its own purposes rather than recognizing its source from the "Bright One" became a real serious issue for Van Flight to deal with. This being the case it appeared this other civilization had gone undetected in this sector of the galaxy. A civilization wanting to harness and use this energy from the Central Civilization for its own use rather than becoming representatives of the Central Civilizations mission of star seeding the galaxy could pose a real problem for Van Flight. To what end could such a civilization have in mind?

The forward civilization was analyzing all the information brought back by the light workers. It was discovered that some Earth people reacted violently to visitors from outer space. Others were very friendly. The magnetic fields on the Earth had clearly been disrupted from another civilization. Van Flight sensed that the people on Earth were being used to develop technology that would be used by another race of people not connected to the Central Civilization. The natural development of Earth's evolution to become ready for the next star mission was in jepordy. What could be the intention of this other civilization? Van Flight and the entire forward civilization began to seek out the location of this undetected civilization.

George's mind was always preoccupied with the rocky cliffs of his island, and slowly each day he would take long walks looking at all the ledges and caves that surrounded the small island of Nahant. Baruk and Raline had kept their distance from George knowing it would be better to see how George processed all the information given to him. "How are we going to monitor George's activities now" asked Raline. Baruk thought a moment and replied, "we will guide him to meet the right people so he will be able to use the knowledge we sent to him last night. His earth years take many days, and are much slower than our own sense of time, so we will have to wait until the time is right for him to use the star chart crystals for the maiden voyage of Earth's star children to seed other suns in the galaxy. We will have to remain invisible until we need to use our energy on Earth directly. We will have to communicate with the other light workers who have been left behind so we can coordinate the successful completion of Earths' evolution into the stars. We can be very instrumental in offering ideas to the Earth people to advance their evolution, but we must not interfere too directly. The magnetic disturbances may have caused other changes in the coding sequence so we must monitor this as closely as possible."

So it was that members of the Central Civilization were left behind on Earth to assist with Earth's evolution. The Central Civilization visit that ocurred thousands of years earlier sought to start the evolutionary process. But somehow, after those first members of the Central Civilization left Earth the evolution became corrupt, and many of the original star temples and centers were destroyed or left in ruins. The new Mind Tribes had their work ahead of them. For the first time in thousands of years there were now members of the Central Civilization on Earth. Earth humans would never realize that their own thinking was now being given assistance to evolve into star children. What the Mind Tribes did not know was how pervasive the mental field on Earth had been disrupted, and what they would encounter in the process of achieving the first star seeding mission into the galaxy by Earthlings.

Sage 14 - The Magnetic Psyche of planet Earth - Coming soon.

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