Saga two: Star Ship

After the atomic bomb had been exploded on Earth, a very high frequency had been transmitted into space alerting a Star Ship passing by in the outer regions of the spiral arm of the galaxy. "I think I just picked up a strange frequency," Baruk told Raline. By this time all the alarm lights sounded inside the great universe cruiser star ship Ether Ship, alerting the crew of a new frequency emanation which was unlike any other picked up in this sector of the galaxy.

It was a lazy morning when Raline and Baruk looked onto the blue planet outside their star ship. Soon they would learn what planet this was from the "Bright one". The journey was a long one, and there was much anticipation in interfacing with the source of this unusual frequency emanation. The year was 1947 AD by Earth's counting system, and a whole new era was about to begin. " I am curious to see what produced that frequency", Raline said with a sigh of relief mixed with wonder. She knew that their ship would have never made this journey unless something important was being decided in the forward control civilization. Raline and Baruk were very young when they left the Central Civilization to travel on one of the largest universe cruisers ever assembled for a tour of the universe.

Their ship had been home for many centuries, and for all practical purposes no other lifestyle was familiar to them except for the work they were trained to do on the Ether Ship. The Ether Ship was now hovering above the planet Earth, but completely invisible to any visible detection from Earth. Every now and then there would be word from the forward civilization concerning who was actually taking them on this tour. For Raline and Baruk their home was guided by the "Bright One", and only special sound and light emmisaries could take a Central Civilization cruiser into the universe. They were both waiting for the next awareness when the wall panel revealed a very special greeting. It read, "Message is Coming". This was the first time Raline or Baruk had ever seen the wall panel display a message like this, but they knew it was part of their coming on the tour of the universe so they sat patiently waiting for the screen to complete itself.

All the compartment monitor lights were now activated. Before each light a small rod with a multi-faceted crystal attached to the end slowly protruded from the ceiling. Then in an instant brightly colored laser beams intercepted the crystals, and many voices could be heard. "What is happening Raline? I think the "Bright One" is going to give us a reflection of our mission," was the only thing Baruk could say as even he was brought to a state of wonder. The walls in Raline and Baruk's living quarters began to move up, and Baruk began to see all his fellow lightworkers that he exchanged ideas with on this universe journey enter the large hallway of the star ship. Baruk stood still looking into the vast hallways. One by one the lightworkers of the Central Civilization began to walk toward the large area where meetings would take place to exchange ideas and histories about their worlds. Many centuries had passed since any event like this had happened to these beings, and everyone knew it was for their well being, and the reason that they were on the voyage.

Very few of these people ever made communication with the forward civilization of the star ship. Their ship had an energy field that stretched over 3 miles. Most of the world that Raline and Baruk lived in was filled with moving light fields which they maintained for the star ship's movement. Neither Raline or Baruk, nor the rest of the people in this part of the star ship, understood that they were now stationed above a small planet known as Earth. All they really knew was that the star ship had stopped moving, and they could see this beautiful blue planet outside the viewing portals.

The radioactive discharge that came from Earth was detected by the forward civilization as an indication of something unusual occuring in this part of the galaxy. This unusual discharge was the reason they were here. In a few moments all the lightworkers would hear the message from the "Bright One".

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