Saga twelve: The coding begins

Art work: Tomás C. Gilsanz

George began to receive information about the stars, and how they were used to navigate in the universe. Many images began to appear in George's mind. Baruk was making conversation with George, a human seed pod, even though it was understood that interference may be damaging to the natural evolution on the planet. The Star Charts were sealed deep inside Nahant, so it was essential a communique take place. George just happen to become the new Galactic Emissary without knowing it.

George was talking out loud, and pointing to the stars as he heard the voices of Baruk and Raline in his mind. George was enjoying this education about the stars and the universe and never once thought anything unusual was going on. "I think the boy is enjoying the star lesson", Raline commented to Baruk. "Well, I think we could tell him about the energy here on this island". Baruk knew that this was a very important location on Earth.

All the Earth light workers from the great universe cruiser were trying to learn of the disturbance which was detected in deep space. The main mission was to insure that the civilization on Earth be able to reach star consciousness. Allies were necessary, and it was necessary that George be given more information than he would know how to use or interpret at this time.

Captain Van Flight was monitoring the visitations. Trouble had taken place in a desert region, and one of the dimensional visitations had materialized and crashed. The deeper jungle area visits were also finding the original temples of when the last visitation took place. Slowly Van Flight could see abberations in the mind field on the planet. Unusual magnetic fluctuations could be seen all over the planet. Immediately Van Flight detected that the ultimate directive was being assailed. There was another energy that wanted to give birth to energy in the galaxy. The planetary seed was about to flower, and when it did there would be millions of galactic intelligent seed pods ready to begin another cycle of the Central Civilizations' awareness of the "Bright One".

Clearly Van Flight detected there may of been deeper galactic problems far from planet Earth. It appeared that much energy from the Central Civilization had been claimed for other purposes than the one which recognizes the "Bright One". Immediate communication with the Central Civilization took place.

The young Galactic Emissary , George, was about to receive the coding of the elders from the Central Civilization. The civilization coding was now beginning, and the passage through the ages of the "Bright One's" children from 4,000 years ago was now appearing in George's mind. This was an important mission for the Earth civilization to reach star consciousness and the emanations started to flow to the Earth from the "Bright One".

A Wisdom Portal has been created so all developing star children on Earth can receive the message of a new star civilization being born.

Enter the Wisdom Portal

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