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The Arrival of the Others


Captain Van Flight of the Central Civilization

Light beings of the Central Civilization

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Saga one: The Signal

The Central Civilization is approximately 30,000 light years away from Earth, located at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The time was approaching when all the crystalline forms in this Central Civilization would receive an energy beam which would signify the final development of galactic communication, and the beginning of a new star culture, based on Planet Earth. It had taken over 10,000 years to finally develop the light signal which was going to be pointed into space from Earth, and then deflected off a space station antenna, into the main matrix of the Central Civilization. Many times over the millenniums, the Central Civilization had made tours of the universe seeking out new suns in which to introduce new life; however, the time had arrived when the birth of a new star civilization was about to occur.

"Will we be able to reach home?" asked Raline.

"I think so," was the reply, as Baruk tried to fit the last relay into the interstellar transmitter.

Earth was getting ready to experiment with a newcommunication device in which a laser was to be pulsed into space to carry important information to the final receiver on a distant deep space- monitoring device. This receiver was on the Colony Space Port built by a federation of space scientists based on Earth. The time was December 21st, 2012 AD, and Earth's sun was align itself with galactic center, the origin of the Central Civilization. What Earth people did not know was that more than one receiver was going to get this information.This was the time the Central Civilization would be alerted to the beginning of deep space exploration by another life form in the galaxy. Earth was about to become the receiver of a much larger source of information. The Mind Tribes would arrive and introduce Earth citizens to a much larger community.

Baruk was exhausted after several days in the transmitter room. Now with only a few hours left Baruk was finished preparing to set off the largest pulse laser ever built on Earth. The night was hot, and it was a clear sky when Baruk finally emerged into the night air. Raline was waiting in her car when Baruk came out of the laser transmitter bunker. "Well, is everything set?" Raline asked. "I think so," Baruk said, as he gazed into the distant night sky. Raline and Baruk were from the Central Civilization and were sent to Earth to infiltrate into the Federation's Communication Link that was taking place between Earth and the Colony Space Port which had been built in orbit around the Earth before it was sent off beyond the solar system to act as a relay device to seach for extraterrestrial intelligence. The concept was simple. Build a powerful laser on Earth, and send it to a receiving antenna on a distant receiver which would in turn pulse a radio signal to any desired target in the universe. Baruk knew the exact location of the Colony Space Port which was going to receive the laser pulse tomorrow morning as well as the coordinates of the Central Civilization's command post signal detector. However, it is important to back up a bit, and tell the story of how Baruk and Raline came to Earth, and what it is they are trying to do on December 21st, 2012.

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