Saga ten: The Dark Ages

Centuries has passed since Matoaca left the island of Nahant, and centuries of plundering of the ancient temples around the Earth had nearly erased all capabilities of anyone who might decipher the talking stones that the ancients left behind. Slowly however, the awakening of star consciousness was taking place.

Stones in the jungles were found and deciphered, stones were even found on remote islands in the Pacific Ocean, and stones were found under the Earth, and slowly the story of the great journeys of the star ships from the Central Civilization were being pieced together.

At the same time however, the plundering of the Earth continued. The quest for dominance over the Earth, in order to control everything, eventually led to the greatest retaliation and use of power that Earth beings had ever experienced. The secrets of the universe itself were being sought after, and because of the consequences of these actions, these findings would change the face of the Earth forever. The very heart of matter was being rearranged, and one day in a far off distant sector of the galaxy a great star ship from the Central Civilization detected an unusual occurence in the galaxy. A very high- pitched sound was detected coming from a distant star system located on the great star charts of the star ship called "Solar Light". Earth was about to get a visitor.

Art work: View of the solar system...Jean-Francois Colonna

"Alignments are to be changed immediately". Van Flight indicated to his forward civilization crew. "There is a break in the frequency emitters, and this has to be intelligent interference," Van Flight exclaimed, as he saw his display screen fill up with hundreds of variations of colors and sounds churning inside the crystal architecture of the universe cruiser's guidance system. All the symmetry had gone from the screen. Somehow a massive disruption of the galactic energy field had been altered.

Earth was not supposed to be visited until the great universe cruiser was returning from a deep journey into the universe. "Summon the Central Civilization," commanded Captain Van Flight. "The Bright One needs to be alerted that one of the Central Civilization seed pods has been activated in an unusual way". Van Flight had been briefed for this new direction. It would take several days to inform the entire crew, as well as the rest of the light beings on the great universe cruiser. The great star ship was over three miles long, and any abrupt change would take a major effort of redirecting the star ship to travel in a new direction so suddenly. The emitters on the display panel continued to read the matter-energy disturbances coming from the quadrant where the "Solar Light" was located.

An image of the sector of the galaxy where the disturbance was coming from appeared on the display screen. It appeared that the rings had been disturbed, and there was danger of the entire "Solar Light" system of being destroyed. There was a definite break in the galactic continuum. Somehow a rupture had occured in the fabric of the holoverse matrix.

The Central Civilization had predicted that conscious evolution would occur, but not with the disruption of the building blocks of matter. Consciousness was to take place through a symbiotic relationship with the local "Solar Light" providing the energy for evolution. Any inappropriate rearrangement of this relationship could be disastrous for any developing consciousness. Van Flight's forward civilization, on the great universe cruiser, had been briefed. It had been recorded that similar events had also occured in this sector of the galaxy, and now no time was being wasted to visit this quadrant in order to prevent the destruction which previous civilizations had brought upon themselves.

The star chart display panel was activated to show this sector of the galaxy once again. There on the screen could be seen great winds of radiating matter scattering everywhere into the local star system.

The power unleashed was greater than anticipated. The great star ship became completely alerted to inform the entire universe cruiser's civilization that great movement was about to take place.

A metamorphosis of the great universe cruiser was under way. It was about to revert to its natural state of pure photonic discharge. The light that emitted from the Ether Ship was a brilliant red and blue discharge beam which the universe cruiser would travel on. These were the same beams Matoaca had beamed down on when visiting Chief Nahant.

Once in flight sonic discharges were directed to the galactic quadrant to be visited. The Tonal Star Navigation System was fully engaged. It was a symphony of color and sound that was the signature of the Central Civilization. It was the "Bright One's" rays of divine intelligence that guided the Ether Ship so well. Every thought coming from the Central Civilization was now calibrated, and used as the discharge of light and sound vectors into space. The Beam Crystals were now fully engaged, and Captain Van Flight sat in front of his display panel contemplating his journey.

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