Saga eleven: First Visit

Captain Van Flight had re-directed the great universe cruiser star ship Ether Ship toward a location in the galaxy that had not been visited for 4,000 Earth years. The last time a universe cruiser arrived near Earth was a festive time, as was revealed in the Earth log books that were now being reviewed by Capt. Van Flight.

Art work Tomás C. Gilsanz

It was during this time that Vestra came into the presence of the Captain to share the information in the Earth logs, and all the preparations that would be needed for this sudden journey. Vestra was the conscious reflection of the Captain's mind. Together they mirrored their civilization. Moods and teachings were expressed in colors, shapes and tones. Light shapes were a way to communicate with one another. Shades of color became form and the multi-dimensionality of both Captain Van Flight and Vestra were starting to take on new shapes as they got ready for their journey to Earth.

Van Flight began to review the ships log book for Earth kept during the last visit to Earth. Vestra expressed her concern over the sudden change of plans. The entire forward civilization of the Ether Ship also knew of this sudden change in direction, and all were calm. Vestra's countenance was a pure reflection of the "Bright One" from the Central Civilization, and her presence at this time was very reassuring for Captain Van Flight. "This energy wave we have detected is not normal Vestra. Somehow someone has separated the primary fabric of the evolution of the tonal field". Van Flight was speaking and reviewing at the same time. Vestra knew of this rupture from past visits to other star systems. When the growth of star consciousness gets very close to full development there can be many code changes occurring simultaneously, and sometimes a reference to a future event in the coding can triggered prematurely. Not until they arrived near Earth would it be possible to determine what caused this frequency change. Van Flight had alerted other star ships in the galaxy concerning this event on Earth. It would take nearly three hundred Earth years before the great universe cruiser would arrive in the star system where Earth was located.

Four thousand years ago a great civilization existed on Earth, and Van Flight could see by reviewing the log book that star knowledge was well understood, and used to communicate with members of the Central Civilization. What events on Earth could have happened to change that was now Van Flights preoccupaton.

Art work Doug Slater

Van Flight brought up the display screen to view Earth, and could see that a strong magnetic force field was surrounding Earth. It was this field that was necessary to amplify star consciousness. If that field was destroyed then the necessary alignment to further star consciousness would fail.

The universe cruiser star ship Ether Ship was one of the largest research cruisers to leave the Central Civilization to check on the progress of the star seed cultures throughout the galaxy. The overall length of the Ether Ship was three miles. The population of the Ether Ship was threefold. The forward civilization was located in the front section of the universe cruiser. It was here that Captain Van Flight, Vestra, and the main link to the "Bright One" was coordinated. It was this part of the universe cruiser that the analysis of the star seed cultures took place. It was in this section that all observations of the galaxy were analysed by various members of the forward civilization. The central section was cylindrical in shape with many areas for viewing the star filled world which the members of the Central Civilization were so familiar with. The center section was also the actual area where the exchange of experiences and living took place; very similar to life at the center of the galaxy. The rear section of the universe cruiser was home to the Light Workers. It was this section of the universe cruiser that transduced the star light into usable energy for the Ether Ship. This was the section that Baruk and Raline were doing their work when the announcement came from the "Bright One". The total population of the universe cruiser was over 5,000 members from the Central Civilization; all carefully selected by the "Bright One".

The Light Workers needed to be fully informed of the change of direction of the universe cruiser. A meeting was about to take place between the forward civilization that was responsible for the well being of the Ether Ship, and the Light Workers who provided the propulsion for the Ether Ship. The assembly of the Light Workers was now complete. Baruk and Raline were joined by thousands of other members of their section in the universe cruiser. "I know this will be a special moment for us Raline", Baruk uttered, "we have before us a direct link to the forward civilization, and this does not happen very often." Raline was very curious as to what she may expect. Then there appeared before them an image suspended in the great meeting chamber. A figure of the "Bright One" appeared, and a voice spoke to them.

"We are moving away from our primary deep space mission to seed a section of the galaxy. Many thousands of years ago we went to a place called Earth, and now we must cancel our seeding mission, and return to Earth ahead of schedule. All the reflections you are making for the journey must now be reformulated to align with another star system. The reflections must now be green and blue

Art work Tomás C. Gilsanz

with a torus ring for your focus. It will be three hundred years before we arrive in Earth's star system so you must keep the ring focused toward a small star surrounded by ten planets. When we arrive near Earth we will have to change our shapes, and many of you will have to visit Earth and learn what changes have come over this Earth civilization. You will have to discover what has caused a rupture in the seed growth field for these star children to reach the time when they can join us. You are all the "Bright Ones" of our civilization, and it is with you the star seed cultures are recorded and remembered. I will now return to the forward civilization. We will be reunited once again after this visit to Earth. Our universe cruiser, which is your home, is now under the quidance of Captain Van Flight and Vestra, his conscious reflection partner, along with all their collaborators in the forward civilization. You will receive updates from all of us, so feel comfortable that we are all together in this unscheduled visit to Earth. I will be back. You are all very beautiful. We are always one."

"It's all true", Raline said, "we are the total reflection from the "Bright One." "I knew of this", Baruk mentioned, "we are the light and we will be visiting those beings that eventually become like us. We will have a chance to see what it is like to be in the early evolutionary stages of star children."

The year was 1948 on Earth. The Ether Ship had finally arrived in Earth orbit. Hundreds of Light Workers were assigned locations to visit on Earth. Baruk and Raline were on their way to a small ocean town in the North Atlantic.

Art work Tomás C. Gilsanz

It was a warm summer night and the ocean was gently washing over the stone beach making sounds that soothed the mind of George who was sleeping with his window open to the East as the cool ocean air entered his bedroom. George and his family had recently moved to Nahant, and the house his father bought hung over a rocky ledge next to the ocean. The place was called Bass Point. On the distant horizon a light house blinked and left moving shadows on George's bedroom walls. Suddenly, George got an impulse to get out of bed and go out onto the rocky ledge. The stars were very bright, the ocean was calm, the lighthouse was shining, and then George thought he heard someone talk to him. "Careful Raline", said Baruk, "we do not want to scare the boy." Raline and Baruk were entering Earth's atmosphere remembering what their mission What happened to Earth's civilization that caused a rupture in the seed growth field?

Raline and Baruk were assigned to Nahant to be sure the Crystal Navigation Charts were very safe. It has been close to 400 years since Matoaca left the island. The directive from the "Bright One" was not to directly interfere with the humans development. Slowly Raline and Baruk came closer to Nahant. Their forms were not made visible, and it was Raline who saw a small boy by himself near the ocean."Baruk, I think we should talk to the boy." "We are not suppose to do that Raline." "But we have to impart our knowledge so we have a contact", Raline said. "The boy has already heard us, but he thought it might be someone on Earth," Raline continued. "OK", said Baruk, "lets try a star orientation with the boy." George was looking at the stars when he thought he heard someone ask a question. How many stars are in the sky? George said, "I don't know." The education, and first contact had begun.

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