Saga nine: The Star Chart Discs

The journey to the caves was the most secret journey of all. No one had ever gone to these caves before. Chief Nahant was more than a chief. Chief Nahant was the actual life form which perpetuated itself through the energy encoded in the crystals. Chief Nahant was a projection from the very crystals themselves. But now the discs had to send their message to the sea where Chief Nahant would take on a special life form known as the great White Whale, and would send the message of the crystals to all the whales in the oceans on the Planet Earth. Sounds of the Whales792K

The discs were of the purest crystal form when they were placed together. These crystals were capable of projecting the star charts in order to travel within the universe. The crystals were also used as parts for the great star ships that traveled across the vast reaches of space. Only the "Bright One", along with the forward civilization and Captain Van Flight knew how these crystals worked for interdimensional space travel.

In a secret chamber in the island of Nahant, the most guarded crystal of the Central Civilization stood in majestic wonder. This was the great star crystal that projected all the stars in the universe onto a navigational display panel in the great universe cruisers from the Central Civilization. These crystals were placed here millenniums ago when the Central Civilization first visited Planet Earth to assure that there would always be a navigational system far from the Central Civilization's home. If the star children of Earth reached the necessary level of star consciousness, then there would be these star crystals which could carry them into the universe to seed new life. The time was drawing near when humans on Earth would be ready to use such crystals, but for now, unusual turmoil was developing on Earth, and the crystals had to be hidden very well.

One crystal was used as the communication device for the history of the Central Civilization.. It was a simple device, but very powerful in its ability to send signals far out into space, and now deep into the ocean. It was operated by Earth's own magnetic field. As the Earth turned, a magnetic field would pass through the crystals' base. This was a very special magnet developed by the Central Civilization. These magnets could harness Earth's magnetic fields, and activate the messages stored inside the crystals. These were the crystals that Chief Nahant would always be tuned into, to learn of the developments on the planet's surface.

Many great star observatories had gone to ruin, and many of the star observers were exiled or killed for thier knowledge of the stars. Navigators would flee all over the Earth escaping punishment for knowing the origins of the Central Civilization. Matoaca had sealed the caves, re-oriented the signal from the communication crystals to the ocean, transformed Chief Nahant and his tribe to be one with the whales, and would now return home to her mountain village and father. "We will return, oh great Chief, and the time is near when we will be sending our message back to the Central Civilization announcing that Earth's star children are ready to receive the "Bright One", exclaimed Matoaca. "You will be contacted by the great star ship, and all the secrets will be transmitted once again so the Central Civilization can continue its journey, and bring star consciousness to another planet".

Matoaca left as she had arrived, and swiftly bid the ancient Chief farewell. The rays of crimson red and cobalt blue disappeared over the horizon, and Chief Nahant found himself moving slowly with his family, and all the other ancient whales beneath the sea, and was also listening to the beautiful sounds being beamed into the ocean from the magical beam crystals safely hidden in the caves of Nahant. Nahant became a very peaceful island, and only the whales knew how important this ocean outpost truly was. Nahant was safe, nothing would disturb its valuable secret, but maybe one day someone else would hear the sounds, and that someone would arrive many years into the future.

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