Tonal Star Navigation
The Milky Way in the Ophiuchus star region.

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How to use the Tonal Star Navigation Chart to travel to galactic center, and the Central Civilization.

The Central Civilization has its home in the center of the galaxy. It is from this location that many missions have been made to other parts of the galaxy. The solar system in which Earth resides has been visited many times, and the portal through which visits are made is through the dark region in the Ophiuchus star cluster. How navigation is achieved from the center of the galaxy to Earth is through the use of tones anchored on the vertices of geometric grids. The tetrahedron is one example of a star chart used by the central civilization to travel to Earth.

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The way to travel hundreds of lights years in a short period of time is by superimposing a geometric shape on a particular star field. When the vertices of a geometric shape are connected to the stars a tone is initiated on the vertice that is in the direction that we want to go. The galaxy is divided into quadrants which is indicated on the tetrahedron. For more precise navigation more complex geometric shapes are used, and all star fields have been recorded for visits to other star systems.

Other star cultures who have used this technology:

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Background provided by Burnham's Celestial Handbook Vol. #3, ppg 1264-1267

The most impressive feature of the summer sky is the vast chain of Milky Way star clouds, stretching from Cygnus to Sagittarius and defining the central plane of our galaxy. In the southern part of Ophiuchus is one of the most wonderful regions of the Milky Way, lying only a few degrees from the computed position of the actual Galactic Center. The incredibly rich star fields of this area are mottled and streaked by a profusion of intracately shaped dark winding lanes of non-luminous material. E. Barnard found this portion of the sky to be the "fuller of strange and curious things than any other regions with which my photographs have made me familiar. It is so extremely puzzling that one attempts a description of it with hesitation. That most of these dark markings which, in a word, ornament this portion of the sky are real dark bodies and not open space can scarecely be questioned".

Lacking our present knowledge of the structure of our Galaxy, Barnard could not have been aware than in the Ophiuchus regions we are looking through a vast complex of dust-streaked spiral arms toward the very nucleus of the Galactic System. The gigantic dark lane called the "Great Rift", so conspicuous to the naked eye, is the same hugh equatorial dust band which we see in the edge-on external galaxies. Beyond this rift, some 30,000 light years away, lies the central hub of the galaxy. Although the statement has oftened appeared that the precise position of this hub is in Ophiuchus, the most modern investigations place it just across the border in Sagittarius at position 17424s2859. This position coincides with a strong radio source called "Sagittarius A", believed to be the actual Galactic Nucleus.

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