Saga eight: Chief Nahant meets Princess Matoaca

Art work: Iva Vodrazkova, Prague, Czech.

When Princess Matoaca walked down the beams of red and blue light, she raised her hand, and a ray of white light poured forth upon Chief Nahant. It was a ray of light that helped create the world of creation, and the world from which the light of blessing radiates. Princess Matoaca spoke in a language comprised of both sound and light. The sounds rekindled all of the ancient memories of the Central Civilization in Chief Nahant's mind. This was the language used by the Central Civilization, and Chief Nahant saw images he had never seen before, and then he heard these words:

"Eternity of time is ours
Oh navigator of the celestial realms
the light seeds the vastness of space
to be one with those reflections
deep, pervasive, forever.

Harken, the wave of lesser ones arrive
corrupting and tearing down,
but inside there is one brightness
The time is near for us to know

Now in the rocks of time
our message awaits the "Bright One",
In our hour of need
the beckoning of the child will return.

The side we see is ever so near
comfort thyself in deep waters oh Chief
songs forever circling the Earth
songs forever passing on our words.

The island you so kept alive
Nahant will always be,
Point in the sea,
Star navigator with charts so deep,
The Central Civilization will return."

Art work: Linda Landers

After this celestial introduction coming from Matoaca, she then revealed that invaders would come across the sea, and the star charts needed to be sealed. In the future these charts would be detected by the one that needs to know of them. It will be nearly 400 years before our land will be visited again by the "Bright One", and there are ships under sail on Earth's oceans that are looking for the star charts. There will be great upheavals on Earth, and misunderstandings that all of nature is one great mind developing in the universe. We will all be one once again, these children of the Central Civilization, and we will once again be able to visit other worlds.

Chief Nahant stood on his island looking out to sea, and was sad to learn he would not be here to receive the great "Bright One" as he so longed for. "What will we do, and where will we go", asked the island chief. "I will give you transformative powers so that you may join the oldest wise ones of the planet. The sea has great beings that also know of our Central Civilization. I will allow you to make passage to be with them. The star charts will be made into sound, and the songs will be put into the stones of your great island. The songs will always be here; telling the great ones of the sea that the secret of the star charts will be well kept.

"We must change the discs, and send the energy from them into the stones of the island, and into the ocean, and then seal the discs within the deepest caves of the island. These discs are very valuable, and are placed in the universe cruisers that travel from the Central Civilization to navigate the great distances of the universe". Matoaca had spoken, and now the two of them descended into the secret caves of Nahant where the star chart discs were stored.

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