Saga four: Transmutation

Art work: Birth of the Universe - Jean-Francois Colonna

The opening to the forward civilization had begun, and the reflected light from all the geometric shapes merged, and even though the lightworkers were familiar with their own part in the star ship they now knew they were also the same as the rest of the star ship members. The difference was in the colors and the sounds created all over the hall. Then, all at once, the entire ship became filled with layers upon layers of mirror-like reflections, and a wondrous voice could then be heard.

"We are above a small planet called Earth," the voice rang out into the entire ship, "and we are here to look upon how our children are beginning to create reflected consciousness. Our children have taken apart the energy that holds them together, and it has caused great explosions, and has created a dangerous situation for their well being. We are going to send several light ships to Earth to look at our childrens' activities, and I want you to decide which of you would like to go forth. Our first visit to Earth will be directed by using a green mirror field guided by the Tonal Star Navigator; Captain Van Flight".

This was a new time for the lightworkers to relate to. Slowly new images would appear all around them, and new shapes could be seen in the reflections. Slowly the entire ship began to take on a different shape. The shapes began to form a beautiful glass oval. Everywhere were small scintillating mirrors all moving very rapidly with their reflected lights. Some of the reflections were slowing down, and long corridors and tunnels of clear blue and green shapes began to appear. Then, in a strange instant, everything became still, and there hovering above the Earth was a blue-green oval shape. Inside the great star ship more blue-green oval shapes began to form as well, and all the reflections became walls and halls, and rooms and tall spires. It looked like a city at night, but it was all glass-like, and transparent. Thousands of small flickering lights could be seen everywhere.

Raline looked at her new shape, and was so amazed to see Baruk in his green colored robe. "What has happened?" Raline asked. Baruk knew they had slowed their frequency levels down to a point of a new density. "We are shapes," Baruk said. "The light is still inside us, but we have shapes so we can enter the Earth community."The lightworkers stood silently by as they adjusted to their new surroundings. Baruk's robe looked as if it was made of liquid green glass. It was a time of astonishment as everyone was not in their reflected conscious states, but were now physical entities. Strange ringing sounds could be heard everywhere. All anybody knew was that there was a planet called Earth outside their vast star ship that was completely invisible to Earthlings.

"We are now going to send our reflected consciousness to the earth," was the voice that could be heard in every reflection of the star ship. "These are our new children, and we must help them understand how to use their awareness." Immediately all the lightworkers sent reflected waves of thoughts to Earth.Captain Van Flight was selected from the celestial civilization for the ability to create an entirely new field of reflected green light which represented the histories of the Central Civilization. Through Captain Van Flight's geometric layers and light reflections, a method was established to keep the records forever sealed in the Central Civilizations's memory fields. When the "Bright One" came to the Central Sun, it was Captain Van Flight who became one of the first reflected emanations to keep the Giver of Movement's intentions recorded in the vast suns' reflected fields of light. These intentions were put into a matrix of the Central Civilization's thought forms. From each successive reflection, new light beings could be manifested, and have the same access to the records. In this way the Central Sun would always hold the Giver of Movment's intention. Over countless millenniums the Central Civilization grew to be one of the Giver of Movements grandest portrayals of integrated intention for the source of life in the universe.

The "Bright One" was happy to come to this central sun with billions of stars to share the Giver of Movement's vast understanding of the universe. The "Bright One" was looking for a sun that could, over time, begin to send out the Giver of Movement's intention into smaller suns so that more of the mystery of the vast universe could be shared. The universe cruiser, called the Ether Ship, was now ready for its new mission: to help one of the Central Civilization's children grow into star consciousness.

On Earth the lightworkers' thoughts drifted over a small island-like town in the early morning hours. It was a town originally ruled by an Indian chief called Chief Nahant. Chief Nahant held the mystery that would eventually make Earth a new star civilization.

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