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The Wisdom Portal is a portal to encourage understanding on how to bring about awareness on a global level of the fragility and peril all of humanity faces unless we as a total species can find a way to communicate our need for constraint and control of using natures resources and the rate of population growth.

Allow yourself to pass through one of nature's portals and contemplate the gift we all share with one another which is the gift of life. The portal is a natural rock formation next to the Pacific ocean near Duxsbury Reef in Bolinas, California. However, the abilty to get closer to the portal, and pass through the portal while listening to the words of Aiping Wang, is a suggested metaphor of entering the mind to contemplate our place on Earth.

The Wisdom Portal is for a time to ponder who we are as a species as we stare outwardly into the world, and into the stary heaven. How does our thinking effect our actions? Are we not but the mind of the universe creating reality as we freely pass through the portal and into the sky with our eyes?

A stillness and a knowing are the objectives while passing through this portal of nature, and into the universe. At the end of the passage we find ourselves at a still point when we finally pass out of this world and into the vault of heaven. Our return to Earth will make us that much the wiser so we can share with the world ways to stop the unnecessary mindlessness that takes more from the planet than gives back to it.

This very well could be the last time on this planet that any of us will have the opportunity to find the solutions to stabilize and bring balance back to our relationship with the Earth. This is a serious message requiring the combined wisdom of all humanity. Kindly take the time and give yourself the opportunity to develop a knowing and a wisdom that will help save planet Earth.

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