José Argüelles - Rinri Project-Sixth Move Part I

Rinri Bridge - 6th Move and the 4th level of Time

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In 1st move the first level of time has been established. How?

  1. Of the 13 moons in a year we determined which moon we were in.
  2. Of the 260 daily kin we determined which kin was for the day.
In the 2nd move:
The location of the daily kin on the planet holon was established.
The 5 sequence chromatic was identified for the bio-mass constant.

In the 3rd move the 2nd level of time was established. How?

  1. The correlation between the planet holon kin and the human holon with the chromatic took place.
  2. The chromatic in which the daily kin resides was determined and a meditation for that chromatic was established based on the color of the chromatic.
In the 4th move we learned how to work the psi-bank plates.

In the 5th move the third level of time was established. How?

  1. By finding the psi chrono unit on the Tzolkin grid
  2. By locating the position on the Warriors Cube.

Lets Play Rinri Bridge - 6th Move - Part I

Preparation for the 4th level of time

Coordinating the vertices of the Cube with the seven years of prophesy and the seven seals - The Heptagonon of Mind

Explaining the Code

Cosmic Science
Primal Cubic Parton

Click of primal cubic parton to learn about:

This 6th move necessitates knowing which radial plasma is activated.

At this point we must focus on the word Heptagonon. Hepta means 7. The cube has six faces. Right? Right! So where does the 7 come into play?
If we represent each face of the cube with a circle we get 6 circles. It is this strange "inside-outness" of circles which means that six-equal-sized circles, themselves arranged in a circle will touch each other to leave room for seventh "invisible" circle of the same size in their midst. The seven has been regarded as a "supernatural" number, symbolizing a new mode of energy.

A heptagon is a seven sided polyhedra whereas a heptagonon is a force field arrangement in the forth dimension where the energy lines are moving in a sevenfold pattern.

Finding the 6 types of Cosmic Electricity
So, Cosmic Science is the comprehensive, multidimensional universal order and is originated by six types of cosmic electricity. From the multidimensional viewpoint of cosmic science, electricity is a multidimensional type of procreative bonding lubricant. The six types of cosmic electricity, inseparable from each other, take the form of a primal cube ( as shown above) or atom of creation called a parton. It is this primal cubic parton which originates the Cube of the Law and receives its evolutionay completion in the Heptagonon of the Mind.

Eleven electrical lines of force.
From combinations of each of the six primal types of cosmic electricity, like atoms combining to make molecules, eleven types of electrical lines of force are derived. These eleven lines of electrical force are responsible for the configurations of reality that bond all the dimensional orders of the universe together in a single whole.

How the electrical lines of force create the 7 radial plasmas
From combinations of these eleven types of electrical lines of force are derived the seven radial plasmas.
Listen up
These seven radial plasmas carried in etheric streams of galactic beams generated by supernova, quasars and the galactic core itself, are attracted to and enter stellar and planetary structures through one of the two magnetic poles. From the attractor pole of the planet, the radial plasmas travel to and are stored at the plantary core. In accordance with the 13:20 timing frequency which governs the biomutational sequences of life, the radial plasmas direct the genetic evolutionary unfolding of the plantary biomass.

Radial plasma is the Telepathically activating fluid. Seven years, Seven seals, Seven plasmas all together create a series of diminishing circles of time, from the first to the seventh years of prophesy, creating a simultaneous index of mental evolution and plasmic involution. This cube, or Primal Cubic Parton represents the Earth in its essential structure and form.
So, through telepathic activation of the seven seals, the radial plasma is released from the Earth core.
The seal that is activated now is the fourth seal called Kali and ends July 25th 1997. The radial plasma coming from this seal has the catalytic formative capacity of cohesion-distention.
The 6th move is knowing that the 4th seal is activated, and that the 4th level of time has begun.
The plasmic creation enfolded in Earth as noosphere is charged by the human telepathic field. We the human noospheric navigators prepares transition to Psychozoic era, from homosapiens to homo noosphericus.

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Sixth move - Part II: Completion of the 4th level of time with the Planting of the Cosmic Ray and The how to of the 7 radial plasmas.

The Rinri Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Moves.

Coming soon: The final Seventh move - The Weekly calendar and the 5th level of time

The cosmic bridge game. The game that offers the magnetic re-education of humanity in the spirit of unconditional love and forgiveness for all beings.

For more information on Rinri go to the Invisible College - White Time Cell web site.

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