José Argüelles - Rinri Project-Fifth Move

Rinri Bridge - 5th Move and the 3rd level of Time

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In 1st move the first level of time has been established. How?

  1. Of the 13 moons in a year we determined which moon we were in.
  2. Of the 260 daily kin we determined which kin was for the day.
In the 2nd move:
The location of the daily kin on the planet holon was established.
The 5 sequence chromatic was identified for the bio-mass constant.

In the 3rd move the 2nd level of time was established. How?

  1. The correlation between the planet holon kin and the human holon with the chromatic took place.
  2. The chromatic in which the daily kin resides was determined and a meditation for that chromatic was established based on the color of the chromatic.
In the 4th move we learned how to work the psi-bank plates.

Lets Play Rinri Bridge - 5th Move

Preparation for the third level of time

Coordinating the Psi Chrono Unit with the Telektonon:
The psi chrono units require the understanding of the sequence of 13 sets of 16, and 13 sets of 4 on the harmonic index grid. The psi chrono units are found in the Tzolkin, but the sequences of 16 and 4 are unique and need to be immediately understood in order to reach the completion of the third level of time. The psi chrono units are found in the psi bank plates.

The third level of time looks at the psi bank plate differently than when using the psi bank plate for the chromatics. The key difference is taking into account the 52 kin forming the Loom of Maya or the cross over polarity of the Tzolkin Harmonic Grid.

The practice of using the psi bank plate with the psi chrono units is a maneuver that involves a telepathic extension of the Magnet from the center of the Earth, ejecting from the terrestrial poles a type of radial magnetism activating the psi bank from pole to pole.

How to visualize the psi bank plates
The psi bank is visualized floating and pulsing between the two radiation belts, 2,000 and 11,000 miles above the biosphere. All participants following the annual overtone chromatics regulating the biomass constant may do this maneuver by being aware of the centers in their body and the planet holon to and from which to transmit or receive the image of the magnet, in accord with the position of the psi chrono unit corresponding the day position of the Telektonon.

The 5th move requires that you simultaneously move both on the Tzolkin Harmonic Grid, here being identified as psi chrono units, and the16 moves in the cube which is located on the Telektonon playing board and shown here.

The 5th move has 4 parts played simultaneously. Two parts on the Tzolkin Harmonic Grid, and two parts on the Telektonon playing board. The Tolzkin two parts consists of:

  1. Locating the psi chrono unit.
  2. Locating the galactic activation portal (GAP) in the Loom of Maya
The Telektonon two parts consist of:
  1. Locating the four tower positions which are coordinated with the GAP days.
  2. Locating the cube positions which are coordinated with the 16 sequences of psi chrono units.
The telepathic ejection of the circumpolar rainbow bridge is coded in the Tower and Cube correspondences with the 260-unit psi chrono unit matrix. This move incorpoates the Loom of Maya, and the four tower positions on the Telektonon board which is the key for laying the matrix of the entire 260 psi chrono unit template. Its during each of the four tower positions for each moon that the visualization of the telepathic discharge from each of the magnets poles establishes itself over the planet from pole to pole in the Loom of Maya cross over patterns as depicted on the Tzolkin grid.

Can we do it?
Lets follow the move to achieve the 3rd level of time.
Today is Blue Solar Storm which is the fifth day of the 8th Moon.
The Tower days on the Telekton Board are 1,6,23,and 28.
Remember :

So the coordination for the 3rd level of time is locating the psi-chrono unit on the Tzolkin which is for today, February 14th, 13 Warrior, and the Cube position, 2 Wind, on the Telektonon Board.

Once the Loom of Maya has been established during Tower Days 1 and 6, then comes the Warroirs Cube Journey. It is during each of the 16 days per moon (Moon Days 7-21) that the telepathic magnetic visualization actually occurs. Depending on which hemisphere and which half of the year, it is during each of these 16 days that you are either sending or receiving the image of the Invisible Magnet turning in the center of the Earth.

Use the Tzolkin grid to track the psi-chrono matrix each year. The sequence per moon of the 208 steps corresponds to the following thirteen sets of 16 psi chrono unit sequences. Note that these sequences skip over the GAP units which are accounted for in the Tower positions.

Accounting for the Tower quartets from which are woven the Loom of Maya, as well as the 208 steps that the Warrior takes each year to reach the Tower, completes this 5th move. Now comes the 6th move applying the lubricant of cosmic electricity.

Here is a link to Dan Winters web site showing how Earth's Magnetism and the DNA are associated.

The Rinri Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Moves.

Sixth move - The Sacred cube and the 7 Radial Plasmas.

The cosmic bridge game. The game that offers the magnetic re-education of humanity in the spirit of unconditional love and forgiveness for all beings.

For more information on Rinri go to the Invisible College - White Time Cell web site.

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