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Rinri Bridge - 4th Move

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The first level of time has been established in 1st move. How?

  1. Of the 13 moons in a year we determined which moon we were in.
  2. Of the 260 daily kin we determined which kin was for the day.
In the 2nd move:
The location of the daily kin on the planet holon was established.
The 5 sequence chromatic was identified for the bio-mass constant.

In the 3rd move the 2nd level of time was established. How?

  1. The correlation between the planet holon kin and the human holon with the chromatic took place.
  2. The chromatic in which the daily kin resides was determined and a meditation for that chromatic was established based on the color of the chromatic.

Lets Play Rinri Bridge - 4th Move

The 4th move requires that we envelop the Earth with eight 260-unit Tzolkin calendars (grids). Four Tzolkin grids for the Northern Hemisphere and four Tzolkin grids for the Southern Hemisphere. These grids are now referred to as Psi-bank plates. A psi-bank plate is divided into two parts at the equator and consists of one Tzolkin grid aligned to either one of the magnetic poles. There is an inverse relationship to these two Tzolkin grids. In the Northern hemisphere one magnetic dragon is in the upper left of the Tzolkin grid. When you look at the Tzolkin grid in the Southern hemisphere the one magnetic dragon is in the bottom right of the Tzolkin grid (inverse).

This sheath of psi bank plates hovers above the Earth and consists of four plates (consisting of two Tzolkin grids) straddling the electromagnetic field from pole to pole. Within the biosphere, which is wholly an intelligent fuction of the galactic Brain, there is fourth-dimensional auto-regulatory system known as the psi-bank. By means of the 13:20 frequency, the psi-bank synchronizes the mathematical program of the DNA into a recording and memory storage system.

The psi-bank is the "brain" of the biosphere, the quiding force of the evolution of time and consciousness governing the evolutionary stages of the biosphere. As the repository of all thought, unconscious and conscious, the psi-bank remains in the instinctual unconscious until the advent of self-reflective thought. The noosphere is the psi-bank made into the continuing conscious regulator of life.

These four psi-bank plates are correlated with the last fours before the year 2000 and the last four years of prophesy. The four circular symbols on the psi-bank plates represent the last four years of prophesy.
Through the four years the bipolar permutations of the four seasons per four plates is matched by the Turning of the Invisible Magnet of Be-ness according to the four galactic time color constants in their antipodal relations:

Color coordination
Each half of each psi plate has a magnetic seasonal correspondence. Each whole plate (biopolar plate consisting of two Tzolkins) is opened, one per year for each four years.

Lets look at the color. The first half year of the psi-bank plate went from 1/1/96-7/15/97, and the color was blue which means all kin in the Northern Hemisphere were transmiting blue, and the South for the first have of the year was red and was receiving. Beginning on 7/15/97-1/1/97 the Northern hemisphere will now receive in color Red and the Southern hemisphere will transmit in the color blue. This is the bi-polarity of the Magnet of Be-Ness.

Seasonal Coordination

Thats it: Seasons and colors for the meditations. We are now receiving from the Southern hemisphere the meditations in the color red. That is for those of us in the Northern hemisphere which is where this webmaster (kin) is located.

How to work the psi-bank plates
There is a magnetic correspondence between the years. The year of this writing is Blue Self-Existing Storm year which began on July 26th 1996. Each year begins a new color, and the tone for that year is set by the kin it begins on.

The end of the 2nd year establishes the 13:20 timing frequency, and releases the collective human mind into biospheric order of universal telepathy. This changes the plate into a membrane.

So, the object is to coordinate colors, seasons and areas of the Earth when transmiting and receiving. The next move covers the third level of time integration which is the psi chrono units which are located in the Tzolkin, but are different than the daily kin locations. This is where we will be using the number 16 in the sequence and coordinate that with the 16 moves in the Telektonon. Remember, it is all about sequencing using the numbers, 5, 13, 16. 20, and many more which we wil cover when we get to the "soul boats" the double terminated time transport vehicles.

The Rinri Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Moves.

Fifth move - Psi Chrono Units and the 3rd level of time

The cosmic bridge game. The game that offers the magnetic re-education of humanity in the spirit of unconditional love and forgiveness for all beings.

For more information on Rinri go to the Invisible College - White Time Cell web site.

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