José Argüelles - Rinri Project-Second Move

Rinri Bridge - 2nd Move

The 73 Chromatics of the Biomass Constant circulating on Earth

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The first level of time has been established.
Of the 13 moons in a year we determined which moon we were in.
Of the 260 daily kin we determined which kin was for the day.
This completes the 1st level of time.

Finding the Planetary Holon - 2nd Move

The second move entails finding your planetary holon, and coordinating it with the Biomass Constant of the Earth. Keep in mind that there are 20 tribes of time comprising the planetary holons. These holons are in constant circulation around the planet. Each of the 20 tribes has a place to energize the Earth, even though the holons are in constant motion. The Earth Holons are divided into 5 Earth Families. You must learn which tribe you are, so you can determine what family you are in. If you do not know what tribe you are email Rinri Bridge Game and your tribe will be given to you.( Refer to Planet Holon Chart below showing tribes in their Earth Families)

In order to synchronize the human mind with the biosphere it is necessary to look at how the color coded 73 Chromatics maintain the biomass constant. The image above shows the biomass constant which is the biospheric law by which the invariance of the quantity and the continuity of the biodiversity is maintained. The perfected human means of maintaining the biomass constant is through the 73 perfect five-day sequences known as the " Chromatics of the Biomass Constant." These are also referred to as 'overtone chromatics." Without the music software in place we will not concern ourselves with the sound at this time but only the color sequences.

Each sequence of five days is color coded red, white, blue, or yellow. The sequence begins this year with Blue Storm Tribe, and there are 365 days in the year divided by 5 giving 73 chromatics. Each sequence runs from South Pole to the Noth Pole, and stopping at the family before the South Pole. Put another way. Each sequence runs from a Gateway to a Signal Family seal. On the planet holon (below) this means that each chromatic run begins at the South Pole, Gateway Family, then jumps the next day to the North Pole, Polar family. The sequence always ends in the southern temperate zone, Signal Family.

Stationary Chromatics of the Biomass Constant on Earth

In the Human Holon the Gateway corresponds to the Root Center, the Polar to the Crown. Each time you coordinate an overtone chromatic, from the first to the second days the movement jumps from your root to crown centers. The fifth day is the solar plexus and when you leave the solar plexus you move into the Kuxan Suum, the etheric thread that connects you to the galaxy. This then is the 2nd move, and it is a key move for biotelepathic attunement of human mind and biosphere-73 times a year. Follow the chromatics of the biomass constant and participate in the biogeomagnetic stabilization of the planet. You must know the sequecnce of the 20 tribes to do this and this can be found in the Dreamspell game or again emailing Rinri Bridge Game

The Rinri Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Moves.

Third Move - Five sequence 73 chromatics and planet Holon conjunction

The cosmic bridge game. The game that offers the magnetic re-education of humanity in the spirit of unconditional love and forgiveness for all beings.

For more information on Rinri go to the Invisible College - White Time Cell web site.

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