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Rinri Bridge - 3rd Move

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The first level of time has been established in 1st move. How?

  1. Of the 13 moons in a year we determined which moon we were in.
  2. Of the 260 daily kin we determined which kin was for the day.
In the 2nd move:
The location of the daily kin on the planet holon was established.
The 5 sequence chromatic was identified for the bio-mass constant.

Lets Play Rinri Bridge - 3rd Move

The identification of the 73 five sequence chromatics, in conjunction with the Planetary Holon and the Human Holon.
Please study the above diagram. Look at it! Look for patterns! Look for sequences! Look for progressions of numbers and colors.
Compare the vertical sequence of the 20 glyphs running vertically on the left of the Tzolkin with the same 20 glyphs that are positioned on the Planetary Holon in Rinri-2nd Move.

How to start the chromatic sequence?
The chromatic begins at the begiining of the year running in 5 kin (parts) consecutively for 365 kin (days). The begining of this year began on July 26, 1996 Gregorian, which was Blue Self-Existing Storm, kin 199. So the 5 sequence chromatic runs for 5 days. The beginning of each fifth day begins a new color chromatic. The 4 color sequence for this year runs Blue, Yellow, Red, and White. Again each color chromatic lasts for 5 days before a new color begins. The chromatic begins and ends on the same color.

What is a Chromatic?
A chromatic is the quality of the fourth-dimensional time as continuously recirculation genisis; five-kin sequence where the first and fifth kin are the same color; dynamism of the four color constants which evoke and moved by the overtone fifth.
The chromatic code is the primary code where numbers 1-4 are represented by corresponding numbrs of dots and number 5 by a bar; interval of 4th to 5th is the basis of overtone chromatics; chromatic code avvances color in primary sequence where red=1 dot, white= 2 dots, blue=3 dots, yellow=4 dots; as the synthesis of blue and yellow, green is the 5th, the bar, which brings in the overtone.

So, now look to se how these five kin cluster themselves and travel around the Tzolkin.
The year 1996-1997 began with a blue chromatic at kin 199. July 26, 1996. The sequence runs in clusters of 5 kin begining with blue then yellow then red then white. So It would start with blue, go to yellow, go to red, go to white, then end in blue. The next chromatic begins with yellow, goes to red, goes to red, goes to white , and then ends in yellow. The next chromatic begins in red, goes to white... and ad infinitum. If you you look at the Tzolkin above and begin with One Dragon in the top left corner you can track the generic 5 seguence in clusters of five which I suggest you do. There are 73 of these chromatics which will equal 365 days or a whole year. Even thought the Tzolkin is 260 days it repeats itself continuously.

The chromatic is correlated to the Planet Holon as well as the Human Holon as shown here.
When you align the 5 part Human Holon's psychophysical centers with the corresponding positions of the Planet Holon, you are creating a telepathic correspondence with the Invisible Magnet of Be-ness. When you follow the overtone chromatics you restabilize your own biomagnetism in tune with the Earth's electronmagnetic and geomagnetic fields of resonance. You align your own biospheric cell with the great Magnet of Be-ness Earth. You experience biospheric cellularization. You are mutating as a noospheric biomutational sequence at one with the Earth.

Move three requires that you make associations between the 5 chromatics on the Tzolkin, the 5 part physical centers on the human and the 5 families on the Earth. Also the 5 parts on the human go in sequence from the root at the bottom as the beginning, then to the top called the crown, then to the throat, then the heart, then the soloar plexus. Also when you are either at the root or the crown is when the circumpolar rainbow bridge is connected emmanating from the crystal Earth in a radial fashion. This is the same as following the magnetic field of the Earth.

When making the association with the Human Holon keep in mind that the 5 part division of the human, same as 5 Chakras, is then correlated with the 5 families of the Earth. These Earth families run horizontally as show in the Planet Holon.

So, for each day you must know what chromatic sequence you are in. Either a blue, yellow, red or white. Correlate it with the Planet and the Human. The sequence is 5 kin (days) long. Each color chromatic has associated with it a meditation.

Chromatic meditation colors

Today's date as of this writing: White Rhythmic Dog - kin 110 - 7th Moon or January 13, 1997. What Chromatic is that in? Answer

The Rinri Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Moves.

Fourth move - Psi-Bank Plates

The cosmic bridge game. The game that offers the magnetic re-education of humanity in the spirit of unconditional love and forgiveness for all beings.

For more information on Rinri go to the Invisible College - White Time Cell web site.

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