Jose Arguelles

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Place: World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity, Brasilia, Brazil

Time: Solar Moon 11-15, Third Year of Prophecy, Victory Pacifies
(Gregorian, March 17-21, 1996)

Submitted on behalf of the autonomous people's of planet Earth, Kin 11 and Kin 22

"We are all Votan Zapata on the Galactic Liberation Front!"

Table of Contents

Mission Statement:

Within the planet's biosphere, the human species, operating by artificial and mechanistic timing devices, is the only species out of phase with rest of the biosphere, and, therefore, in violation of the unifying law and natural time. The human violation of time is rooted in the irregular twelve-month Gregorian Calendar. In order to keep the human violation in time from a course of complete self-destruction, and on behalf of the preservation of the planet's biosphere, an immediate end is called to the use of the Gregorian Calendar and its attendant institutions, to be replaced by the biologically accurate Thirteen Moon Calendar and the new +human Covenant of Biospheric Rights.

The use of the Gregorian Calendar is henceforth desanctioned and declared null and void. Since all currently constituted institutions and governments are functions of this calendar, they, too, are now desanctioned and considered null and void. Therefore, the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights is called for the restoration of the human species within natural time through the instrument of the biologically accurate Thirteen Moon Calendar, and for the creation of a new human covenant of Biospheric Rights and its accompanying resolutions as the basis for the declaration of Universal Peace, inclusive of the comprehensive design plans for the conversion of human civilization into a Planetary Culture of Peace.

New Covenant: Preamble

The time has come for a simpler voice and a new time. The voice is here. It is the voice of the people world-wide following the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. The new time is here. It is the time of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. In replacing the twelve-month Gregorian Calendar of the old time, the new time of the thirteen moons has come. The new calendar is the basis and the opportunity for a new human covenant.

The new covenant is the Covenant of Biospheric Rights. Why? Because the biosphere is the all-inclusive planetary life-support system of which we humans constitute an integral living member. The biosphere is the larger unifying field of life on Earth which transcends all nation states, and alliances of nation states, inclusive of the United Nations. Therefore, the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights replaces the legitimacy formerly held by the nation states.

Because it is not in accord with any of the actual cycles of nature or our own biology, following the old Gregorian Calendar has severed humanity from its biospheric membership. Without full membership in the biosphere, humanity will continue to encase itself in an artificial world of exploding technology, over-population, environmental degradation, social chaos, and war.

Without taking immediate action by calling a halt to the old time and all of the social institutions enmeshed in the calendar of the old time, humanity would never otherwise call a halt to its current course. The twofold purpose of the Biospheric Covenant of the thirteen moons is to call an immediate halt to the the course of civilization as it is now constituted, and to provide immediate relief and guidelines for restructuring the human social order according to the new time.

The rights of humans in the biosphere are essentially no different than the rights held by all other species of life within the biosphere: free air, free water, free land, free time, free life, free will autonomy. The present institutions of civilization abrogate virtually all of these rights by an insistence on the supremacy of various secondary fictions: nation states, taxes, the monetary system, and the materialist way of life. Every credibility given to any of these secondary fictions diminishes our own capacity for self-empowerment.

Once it is understood that virtually every human institution in existence is embedded in the irregular Gregorian Calendar, by adopting the regular Thirteen Moon Calendar, it will be easy to divest ourselves of our outworn ways. Like it or not, humans have grown habituated to customs which are contrary to the natural order of things, yet because they are embedded in the Gregorian Calendar, are considered indispensable. Taxes, government, and war are the most pernicious of these 'bad' habits. It is always easier to root out a bad habit when there is a clear goal and a new path to follow.

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