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People's Resolution Empowering the Planetary Calendar Councils as PAN Emergency Information Command Bases

Whereas the Planetary Calendar Councils are hereby established by the order of PAN to coordinate information equally and in common with all other self-designated planetary bioregions organized by PAN on behalf of the Dominion of Time, we the people of planet Earth, do hereby empower the Planetary Calendar Councils to establish bioregional PAN Emergency Information Command Bases for the dissemination of Thirteen Moon Calendars, the new "Covenant of Biospheric Rights," "PAN Victory over G-7," and the "Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan," inclusive of the "Pax Cultura Pax Biospherica." Be it further resolved, that in order to coordinate information world-wide concerning the victory of universal peace and the coming "52 Days of Victory," that the Planetary Calendar Councils be empowered as the PAN Emergency Information Command Bases to begin unified command victory operations as of the completion of the First Planetary Biospheric Rights Congress, Solar Moon 15 (Gregorian March 21, 1996). As of this date all Bases are empowered to establish an emergency infrastructure for the coordination of information and the movement and organization of people for the initial events commencing Thirteen Moon Victory Day, Crystal Moon 28.

As of the completion of the "52 Days of Victory," Magnetic Moon 22, Fourth Year of Prophecy, let it be resolved that the Planetary Calendar Council Emergency Command Bases continue to function as the infrastructure of the new unified biospheric Thirteen Moon Calendar planetary information system, coordinating information from different biospheric locals with information from other biospheric regions constituting the Planet Art Network. In this way the Planetary Calendar Councils will lead in modeling the method of operations for converting from old to new time.

People's Resolution Empowering the Planet Art Network for the Organization of the "52 Days of Victory"

We, the people of planet Earth, in order to assure the complete success of the victory of universal peace, beginning Thirteen Moon Victory Day, Crystal Moon 28, do hereby empower the Planet Art Network to assume its responsibility, immediately effective, Solar Moon 15 (Gregorian March 21, 1996), in order to commence preparations for the "52 Days of Victory," whose theater of events is, henceforth, the responsibility of the Planet Art Network.

In coordination with the Planetary Calendar Councils, autonomous emergency PAN Cooperative Councils are hereby authorized to begin formation according to the Orders of Time of the Council of Five. Once an emergency PAN Cooperative Council has formed it can begin immediately to plan with other bioregional emergency PAN Cooperative Councils for the organization of the victory of universal peace.

Foremost among the responsibilities of the emergency PAN Cooperative Councils will be the organization of: the flying of Banners of Peace on Thirteen Moon Victory Day at locally designated sites in proclamation of the victory of universal peace and the re-entry of humanity into biospheric membership according to the Thirteen Moon Calendar; the creation of cooperative local boundary dissolving ceremonies coordinated with the Four Corners Boundary Dissolving Ceremony; the calling forth from the Learner's and the Seeker's Orders a Children's Brigade to join with other PAN-organized Children's Brigades for the purpose of the release of prisoners and beginning military disarmament and conversion; the immediate establishment of new public information programs in artistic format to proclaim and demonstrate the new time education; and to prepare for participation in the Olympics of Cooperation, 'swords into plowshares' public art events in conjunction with the Summer Olympics, Atlanta, Georgia, for the conversion of industrial waste into monuments of beauty.

Through all of its endeavors, PAN is exhorted to exemplify and excel in the human evolutionary aspiration toward spirit, vision, and beauty. Following the "52 Days of Victory," PAN Cooperatives will be organized autonomously through coalitions of artists, crafts people, traders, performers, and gardeners socially functioning as the Five Orders of Time, modeling the life-long learning process as the social form itself. The PAN Cooperatives, in concert with the Planetary Calendar Councils, will embody the redirection of the human species according to the all-unifying law of time, evolving thereby, into the organic order of the biospheric Dominion of Time encoded in the Thirteen Moon Calendar.

People's Resolution for the Release of Prisoners and the Conversion of the Military

In order that every human being has equal opportunity to enter the new time on an equal basis with every other human being, as of July 25, 1996, Day out of Time, end of Third Year of Prophecy, by the order of the Dominion of Time which commands universal forgiveness as the foundation of universal peace, the PAN Children's Brigades supported by members of the other Orders of Time of the Councils of Five, are hereby empowered to go to the prisons of the planet to release all of the prisoners, and to see to it that following their release the prisoners are taken either to their families or to camps established by PAN for education in the forms of the new time. Wherever possible, the prisons themselves will be transformed into dormitories and New Time Training Camps.

Bearing Banners of Peace, the Children's Brigades will follow a ceremonial procedure in which they will first engage the guards in disarmament rites, releasing the guards from their responsibilities and relieving them of their weapons. It will be the duty of the Elders of the Council of Five to gather the guns and weapons caches to be taken and kept at predesignated sites where they will be stored until their dismantling and/or destruction has been completed. Bioregional local PAN Cooperatives, along with Human Rights groups, should research in advance regarding their local prisons and seek the cooperation of prison officials to locate families of the prisoners.

The release of prisoners is enacted as a planetary ceremony of forgiveness on behalf of all humanity as the first step in eliminating, once and for all, the servitude to false 12:60 time. Carried out by the Children's Brigades, this planetary ceremony of forgiveness and release will demonstrate the power of art in the new time of thirteen moons to provide a new genesis for all of humanity who have labored and lived according to laws and regulations bound to a false time. Hence, the prisoners' release and forgiveness is the release and forgiveness for all of humanity from all of the crimes, errors, and prejudices of their past, which were due simply to being in servitude to false time.

Following the successful release of the prisoners, thus establishing the grounds for universal forgiveness, the Children's Brigades may next turn their attention to the disarmament and conversion of the military forces of the planet for the beginning of the conversion of industrial waste to biospheric art. Former prisoners and prison guards are invited to join the ranks of the Children's Brigades to commence the military disarmament exercises. A universal cease fire will already have been called as of Crystal Moon 28, and members of PAN shall already have taken Banners of Peace to all conflict zones, enlisting the support of the military in throwing down their arms. However, the edict of Universal Forgiveness and Prisoner Release, Day Out of Time, (Gregorian July 25, 1996), will signal the commencement of the universal planetary disarmament process, as of the new year, Magnetic Moon 1, Fourth Year of Prophecy, (Gregorian, July 26, 1996).

Following lines of selective research and communication by PAN locals, beginning Magnetic Moon 1, Fourth Year of Prophecy, bearing Banners of Peace, in order to end the servitude of false time, Children's Brigades are hereby empowered to enter any military base, and, in full ceremonial manner, request the laying down of arms. As with the prison weapons, all military weapons and armaments caches will be remanded to the Orders of Elders to be stockpiled in a suitable site for their dismantling and/or destruction. As with the prisoner release, all military barracks will be transformed into New Time Education and Training Centers, and the personnel will begin immediate reassignment of tasks according to schedules of bioregionally PAN-coordinated conversion priorities.

The first major planetary coordination of military conversion procedures will be the preparation of a major contingent of former United States military personnel to join with an equal contingent of former Russian military personnel for the assignment of repairing and restoring the damage done to the Russian environment due to 50 years of Cold War-induced nuclear waste and mismanagement. The Russian-American model biospheric clean-up project will thence be the model for all military conversion cooperative programs elsewhere on the planet. Henceforth, all current military budgets are frozen and turned into a trust for the financing of specific biospheric restoration projects, inclusive of the Russian American nuclear clean-up and the Children's Brigades.

Applying the same methods, and organized according to the needs of the bioregional locals, the Children's Brigades will begin the liberation of the schools and education systems, commencing Magnetic Moon 1, (Gregorian, July 26, 1996) to be completed by Resonant Moon 14, (Gregorian, January 24, 1997), Fourth Year of Prophecy, the completion of the first half-year cycle of biospheric conversion. Hence the children of the planet will be enrolled as functioning members in the Orders of the Learners and Seekers, assisting in all PAN conversion programs of the bioregional locals. All existing educational facilities will be henceforth converted into PAN "new time is art" training and educational facilities and dormitories.

Henceforth, let it be proclaimed that as there is no war in the Dominion of Time, there are no longer armies of war, prisons, prisoners, or compulsory education of any kind. In the Dominion of Time discipline and training are natural auto regulatory functions of the Orders of Time. All deviations from the norm of the Covenant of Biospheric Rights will henceforth be dealt with in the PAN Cooperative Councils of Five, and all deviant conduct be awarded with appropriate artistic discipline and endeavor.

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