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People's Resolution Calling for a Planetary Boundary Dissolving Ceremony at Four Corners, North America

We, the peoples of planet Earth, in order to enforce the existence of the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights inherent in the Thirteen Moon Calendar, do hereby call for a planetary boundary dissolving ceremony to once and for all eliminate as a biospherically destructive fiction any and all notion of boundaries, national, state, and ultimately, private, inclusive of the attendant illusion of 'nation states,' and all authority falsely invested in the nation states, which constitute yet another disempowering secondary illusion. The planetary boundary dissolving ceremony is to occur on Crystal Moon 28, Red Cosmic Moon, Thirteen Moon Victory Day, (Gregorian June 26, 1996), at Four Corners, North America, the point at which four currently constituted states meet: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. The planetary boundary dissolving ceremony will inaugurate the "52 Days of Victory" of universal peace with a collective autonomous act exemplifying the sacred restoration of human trust.

To implement this Resolution, we, the people of planet Earth, exercising our biospheric right of free will, do hereby put forth a call for a minimum of 144, 000 people to gather for one day to conduct the planetary boundary dissolving ceremony in a simple and coherent demonstration of human artistic responsibility. The 144,000 will form a large circle with a human cross connecting the four cardinal points of the circle to the central point, 'four corners.' By drumming and holding silence within the form of the sacred seal of the Earth, impregnating themselves and the Earth with a sacred bond of mutual trust, all previous humanly conceived, historically binding contracts will be ceremonially repealed, while the very act of orderly dispersal and departure will constitute the ritual release from and dissolution of all national and state boundaries as a needless mental fiction no longer in accord with the organic order of the biosphere.

Coordinated by members of the Rainbow Nation, people will be bussed in and out of the Four Corners on the same day from nearby major cities to create an orderly situation assuring that no damage will be done to the environment. Full cooperation is sought from all parties involved, but especially from those of the Ute, Apache, Hopi, and Navajo peoples whose indigenous homelands constitute the original Four Corners bioregion.

Four Corners is in reality the heart of Turtle Island, the indigenous people's name for North America, and by extension planet Earth. By dissolving the 12:60 boundaries and belief systems inherent in the notion of 'nation states', the heart of Turtle Island will be released into the new and natural time of thirteen moons, inaugurating the return of Earth Sovereignty, the biospherically unified, bioregionally organized peoples of the dominion of Timeship Earth 2013.

AD 2013 is the time given for the goal of restoring, through the operations of an all-inclusive Planet Art Network, the biosphere of planet Earth to its original garden nature, thereby placing humanity once again in a state of primordial spiritual simplicity, complemented by a superior evolved intelligence operating as one mind. People in other parts of the planet are invited to participate in similar spontaneous ceremonies in support of this sacred planetary boundary dissolving ceremony at Four Corners.

We, the people of planet Earth, recognize the seriousness and profound implications of this ceremonial initiation of entry into the new time and of the beginning necessary repeal of all of the laws and institutions of the old time and the old order. In particular, this planetary boundary dissolving ceremony repeals not only the Gregorian Calendar (AD1582), but also repeals the Papal Doctrine of Discovery (AD1452) and all consequent 'historical treaties', contracts, and doctrines held by any and all nation states intended to claim and dispossess all land originally inhabited by indigenous peoples.

Proclamation of the Dominion of Time and Preamble Establishing the Planet Art Network as the Biospheric Social Form

Whereas the acceptance of the new Thirteen Moon Calendar and its attendant new Covenant of Biospheric Rights liberates humanity from all of the conventions and treaties held by the now dissolved and desanctioned old Gregorian twelve-month calendar, and whereas this calendar change is registered as a profound and sacred change in the course of human affairs, let it be proclaimed, henceforth, that in following the Thirteen Moon Calendar humanity has taken its first step in returning to full biospheric membership and is, therefore, awarded entry into the Dominion of Time, the self-existing, self-organizing collective intelligence of the biosphere.

As the governing force of the biosphere, the Dominion of Time establishes an architecture of natural orders whose interlocking cycles transform the biosphere into a living work of art. The Dominion of Time operates by a single synchronization frequency, 13:20, a cycle of thirteen galactic tones combined with a cycle of 20 solar frequencies. Because the Thirteen Moon Calendar is cycled by the thirteen galactic tones into the larger matrix of the 13:20 timing frequency, in accepting this calendar humanity is immediately re-entered into the Dominion of Time, and hence given the privilege to which full membership in the biosphere now entitles the human species.

Incumbent upon this privilege is understanding the role within the biosphere of the human species, liberated once and for all from false 12:60 time. 13:20 time is art. The biosphere is actually a living work of art. The biosphere is subject to the one law of time, summed up in the universal equation of time: T(E)= Art. In the equation, which sums up the command of the unifying law of the Dominion of Time, T= 13:20 frequency; (E)=bioenergy unit or one organism in its daily cycle; and Art = the multiplication, propagation, and transformation of E(energy) according to the form ratios of T(time), the 13:20 frequency. Obedient to the unifying law of time, the biosphere is inevitably a work of art, nature's supreme achievement. The reality of the biosphere as a living work of art commands the human role within the biosphere.

This human role within the biosphere is henceforth constituted as the Planet Art Network (PAN), the sacred order organizing humans for maintaining, embellishing and improving upon the biosphere as a living work of art. It is the role of PAN to determine the new sacred form and goal of human society for seven generations to come, following the new Covenant trial period to AD 2013. Henceforth, the biospheric Dominion of Time will be known as the Dominion of Timeship Earth 2013.

Being divinely ordained, the Dominion of Time empowers the Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights to establish as of Thirteen Moon Victory Day, Crystal 28, Third Year of Prophecy (Gregorian, June 26, 1996), the sacred order of the Planet Art Network as the biospherically ordained human body to instrument the conscious reorganization of human society in accord with the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights and Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan.

People's Resolution for the Empowerment of the Planet Art Network: Sacred Order for the Reorganization of Human Society

We, the people of planet Earth, in order to assure a clear shift in the goals of the human social order, do hereby empower the sacred order of the Planet Art Network to oversee the victory of culture, which is peace, as the goal and purpose of human society in accord with the new Covenant and Thirteen Moon Calendar. Henceforth art and not war will be the ultimate recourse for resolving human conflict. The sacred order of PAN, through fostering a bioregional biodiversity of culture, assumes the principle responsibility for reestablishing the human harmony within the greater harmony of the biosphere as a living work of art.

Incorporated into PAN will be the long-term goal of redirecting humanity into its role as the maintainer and improver of the biospheric art form; to establish all the new social forms and norms in accord with the new Covenant and Thirteen Moon Calendar; and to assume responsibility for the design of the programs for converting from industrial age "job" deployment of human energy to Earth Sovereign activities that transform current materials and materialist labor into artistic forms and activities, thereby assisting in the conversion from a culture of entertainment, where there is no time for art, to a culture of peace where time is art. According to PAN, the meaning of human life is now redefined according to how artful it is and how much it contributes to the greater harmony of the biosphere. Any and all human activity is now considered art.

The sacred order of the Planet Art Network has no central coordinating authority, but is entirely constituted of autonomous bioregional cooperatives who locally organize humans for their new roles, while maintaining communication with other PAN bioregional operations. Much of the initial PAN activity will be developed through cultural exchanges which disseminate methods of conversion as well as inspired renderings of the new living epic of human life on Earth. In its overall planetary bioregional organization the PAN will also be responsible for coordinating unifying planet art events synchronized world-wide for the increase in collective telepathic awareness of humanity as a single creative organism realizing its destiny within the biospheric arena of self-regulating evolution.

Henceforth, as the biospherically ordained order of human society organized according to the law and moving principles of time, PAN is the new form of the human social order. Every human being born into and/or operating in the new time of thirteen moons has innate membership in PAN. As the emergency comprehensive social reform to cure for the ills of the old 12:60 time, PAN replaces 'civilization.'

In reconstituting what was known as civilization, and following the organizational order of the 13:20 timing frequency, PAN is a sub-order of galactic civilization. All of intelligent life in this and all galaxies organizes itself by and maintains communication according to the unifying law of time, which is the 13:20 frequency. By command of the Dominion of Time, PAN is the biospheric social form of humans bioregionally dispersed, cooperatively networked for maximum cultural biodiversity in preparation for the evolutionary synchronization known as the advent of the noosphere.

PAN is evolution at work. In the order of time, learning is life-long. The form of education and the moving order of society are one and the same in the PAN model. The social form of time creates inherent, moving social orders based on biological stages of life which are thence incorporated into educational, artistic, and economic structures, and exemplified in the Council of Five. Each PAN Council of Five consists of delegates from the five social Orders of Time.

The Five Orders of Time with their five castles of time designations:

For any bioregional local group, a PAN Council of Five will always have delegates from each of the five Orders of Time; input of any and all of the five Orders of Time is equally valid. Regardless of craft skill or occupation, it is age and experience that determine the groupings of the Council of Five. Each Order of Time has equal experience value to every other order. The Elders or League of Wizards have the final authority to break deadlocks and are the ultimate arbiters of conflict.

The Elders or League of Wizards are further organized as follows:

Henceforth, education is the responsibility of each local bioregional community. Each Order of Time is responsible for its own organization and communication with the other Orders of Time. No community decision can be made without input from all five Orders at a commonly called Council meeting. Transition from one Order of Time to another, inclusive of the transitions of birth and death, will be ceremonially acknowledged according to the customs and needs of the local bioregional unit.

Activation of PAN is voluntary and autonomous. Any group of artists and creative humans so inspired may call themselves together for the formation of a local PAN spore--living art cell. Working with members of local Calendar Councils, the PAN spores will have the responsibility of translating into new forms of artistic action the directives of the new time. Ultimately, PAN will model all the new social forms based on the interlocking cycles of the Dominion of Time.

PAN will be identifiable in any community by the Banner of Peace, Rainbow Flag, Earth Flag, and Galactic Shield of the Fifth force flying over its headquarters. In the event of any conflict, members experiencing the conflict will be remanded to the local PAN where the Council of Five will assign a suitable artistic project to the members experiencing conflict. Members of a local PAN may call for bioregional PAN gatherings whenever it is deemed suitable or necessary. Gradually at first, but sooner than later, PAN will absorb into itself all functions of governance, transmuting them into rites, ceremonies and art forms that allow the people to channel their energy into creative and fulfilling patterns of human transcendence.

In order to assure swift communication of the presence of PAN, its goals and working methods, we, the people of planet Earth do hereby empower the immediate initial task of the PAN to organize as a total artistic event the "52 Days of Victory," in order to demonstrate the power of art as an act of peace, synchronizing and unifying the people into cooperative artistic forces of good will. During this sacred 52-day cycle, the Boundary Dissolving Ceremony, the Olympics of Cooperation, the arousing of Children's Brigades, new time education, prisoner release, and beginning military conversion will be among the assignments initiated by the order of PAN, on behalf of the Dominion of Time.

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