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New Covenant of Biospheric Rights: The Call

The new covenant is a call for the righteous of the Earth to uphold the divine command to respect the integrity of the biosphere. All of life is sacred. All of life in the biosphere is one life and forms a sacred unity. All of life in the biosphere is unified by obedience to a single law, the law of time. Only humanity is disobedient to the law of time, and, hence, disobedient to the sacred unity of life. Humankind disobeys the all-unifying law of time, following instead its own artificial time, 12:60: twelve-month Gregorian Calendar, 60-minute hour. In following a time apart from the rest of creation, humanity has compounded this manifest error by exceeding its proportion, bringing devastation to the biosphere, and sealing its own doom.

To assure the continuity of the biosphere, the web of life in all of its biodiversity, and to finally assume our rightful role within the biosphere, we, the people of the Earth, do now declare and recognize there to be a new covenant for the reunification of humanity within the biosphere, the Covenant of Biospheric Rights. This divinely ordained new covenant supersedes in all of its laws and principles of self-governance and autonomy all of the now-constituted laws of human civilization.

In recognition that the currently constituted form of planetary human civilization is a secondary fiction, the compound manifest error of following artificial, mechanistic 12:60 time, all of which has caused humanity to deviate grossly from the divine plan and natural order of the biosphere, we, the people of the Earth, affirm the foundation of the new covenant to be the indisputable instrument known as the Thirteen Moon Calendar, and its means of implementation, the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan, inclusive of the Pax Cultura-Pax Biospherica.

The essence of this universal peace plan calls for immediate replacement of the erroneous and unnatural timing device of the twelve-month Gregorian Calendar with the biologically accurate Thirteen Moon Calendar. In following this new calendar, humanity will have taken the first step to return to the natural order and sacred principles of membership of life within the biosphere.

In recognition of the fact that all currently constituted laws and institutions are functions of the Gregorian Calendar, the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement empowers itself to legitimately begin the peace creating process of bioregional deinstitutionalization and deprivatization for the liberation of humanity into the biosphere. In view of the profound and fundamental change implied by replacing calendars, the self-empowered People's Autonomous Committees do set forth a series of resolutions to begin the arduous and heroic act of converting current human civilization into a culture of universal peace.

We, the people of the Earth, hereby affirm that in assuming the responsibility of a new covenant, by its nature, divinely ordained, we assume a sacred duty. We, the people of the Earth, accept this sacred duty. Henceforth, we, the peoples of planet Earth do swear to live by the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights and the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan.

People's Resolution To Delegitimize War

All the wars we have fought, and continue to fight, are products of the old time. All of the future, henceforth, is a blessing of the new time. In the new time there is no war. There is no place for the recognition of legitimized aggression. In the new time, peace prevails. The victory of peace abolishes, once and for all, the instrument of war as a legitimate means for mediating human conflict. Lacking all art, war as a medium of communication is henceforth delegitimized and desanctioned as a valid recourse for human conduct. In delegitimizing war, the power vested in nation states is also delegitimized, for it is the nation states that have the power to 'declare war.

The activity of war is the technological testing ground of 12:60 industrial civilization. Once we have demonstrated that we can control war, which is nothing but legalized terrorism, we will be able to eliminate terrorism and domestic violence altogether. Eliminating the need for war, we will eliminate the need for the technologies that have created war as an inhumane and immoral value, replacing them instead with the innate creative faculties and powers vested in our own biology and culture.

The first step to eliminate war is to declare the Victory of Universal Peace which is rooted in the new time of Universal Peace, the time of the thirteen moons. The Victory of Universal Peace will become effective world-wide, Thirteen Moon Victory Day, Red Cosmic Moon, Crystal Moon 28, Third Year of Prophecy, (Gregorian, June 26, 1996). This date marks the conclusion of the Biospheric Amnesty. Henceforth, all institutions will begin voluntary cooperative peacetime deregulation into the conventions of the thirteen moons.

To enforce and manifest the Victory of Universal Peace and the establishment of the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights, the Roerich Peace Pact and Banner of Peace (1935) are invoked and extended to include protection of the entire biosphere. The biosphere itself is the cradle of all human culture and artistic activity. This means that Banners of Peace will be planted or raised at all arsenals of war, toxic waste dumps, current battle zones, polluting industries, ghettos and shanty towns, as well as parks, schools, government, historic and cultural sites, and wilderness regions of every kind in a collective demonstration by the peoples of the planet of upholding the primacy of the biosphere and the concurrent neutralization and delegitimization of all secondary fictions and instruments of war, whether against nature or humanity itself. Especially those industrial plants currently engaged in the manufacture and selling of lethal instruments of mass destruction will be identified, and served notice to immediately close down or begin conversion to peaceful activity.

Proclamations of the Victory of Universal Peace will announce the "52 Days of Victory," Crystal Moon 28, Third Year of Prophecy, to Magnetic Moon 22, Fourth Year of Prophecy, (Gregorian: June 26-August 16, 1996). These 52 days of universal cease fire and cessation of all sales of instruments of war will be accompanied by artistic, cultural, and educational programs of all kinds informing and uplifting the people regarding the new time of universal peace. At the center of these "52 Days of Victory," will be the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. The Games will be used to showcase the meaning of peace as a creative form whose spiritual value transcends all bias and unifies all peoples in a higher vision.

Add: People's Resolution to Take Back the Planet (See Appendix: "Pan Victory Over G-7")

People's Resolution To The Vatican

n order to give full support and provide an assured swift universal entry into the new time of the thirteen moons, a People's Resolution calls upon the Vatican to relinquish its support and ownership of the Gregorian Calendar, effective Crystal Moon 28, Thirteen Moon Victory Day. In calling upon the Vatican to replace the unnatural Gregorian Calendar in support of the biologically accurate Thirteen Moon Calendar, the people will be assisting the Vatican in owning and admitting to the greatest error it has committed, perpetration of the false-time Gregorian calendar which, since its institution in AD1582, can rightfully be called the calendar of colonialism. To end the age of colonialism, put an end to its calendar.

Appeals will be made to Pope John Paul II and the Vatican Council to cooperate fully with the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement in setting the world straight in this unprecedented calendar reform. A Delegate from the Vatican will be invited to attend the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights. Failure to respond to, or cooperate with, the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement will place the Vatican, along with the other nation states, in violation of the biosphere.

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