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The Biospheric Congress Timetable: Nine Cycles of the First World Peace

First Cycle Preparation for Victory:

1. 7.15 Third Year of Prophecy, "Victory Pacifies," Return of the Sacred Warrior. Global announcement of First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, thirteen moon victory of universal peace, and preparation for the First World Peace;

9.15 Completion of First Congress of Planetary Rights, establishment of PAN and PCC emergency programs, preparation for "52 Days of Victory."

12.28 Thirteen Moon Victory Day, proclamations of victory of universal peace (Boundary Dissolving Ceremony, prisoner release, beginning of military conversion, Olympics of Cooperation); PAN organized "52 Days of Victory" to 1.22, Fourth Year of Prophecy.

First World Peace: Two Year Industrial Biospheric Conversion Program

2. 1.1 Blue Self-Existing Storm, Fourth Year of Prophecy, "Victory Establishes" Proclamation of First World Peace, Phase I: PAN-PCC build-up through cooperative exercises for the deregulation of 12:60 institutions; completion of all programs for conversion; final wind-down of 12:60 corporate and government programs; PAN-Indigenous Councils for the supervision of the Neighborhood Mortgage and Bioregional Deprivatization Trust, modeled on the Earth Conversion Trust, preparation for Telektonon/Dreamspell galactic lottery (Book of Kin) and conventions for increase of telepathy; completion of Children's Brigade programs to release prisoners, military and students into the Five Orders of Time.

3. 7.15 "Victory Establishes" the Return of the Sacred Earth. Commence Earth Conversion Trust and Planetary Store operations; henceforth, all products for consumption bear Banner of Peace insignia demonstrating cooperation with new Covenant; commence de-industrialization, shut-down of petroleum and automobile industry plants by PAN economic arbiter brigades; concurrent reorganization of 'workers' into Dreamspell Art Camps; commence PAN-Indigenous Councils for neighborhood and bioregional mortgage deprivitization programs; desanctioning of 'jobs;' begin galactic lottery, first phase reorganization according to Five Orders of Time; Thirteen Moon Calendar dispersed world-wide; Russian American nuclear clean-up in full swing.

4. 1.1 Yellow Overtone Seed, Fifth Year of Prophecy "Victory Releases" complete planetary mobilization for all phases and aspects of conversion. First World Peace becomes order of the day; planetary consciousness shift into the 13:20 frequency of the new time facilitates simultaneous dismantling, deindustrialization and deprivatization process with planetary projects for biospheric clean-up, regeneration and restoration of human culture.

5. 7.15 "Victory Releases" Return of Sacred Mind. Commence final cycle of Earth Conversion Trust and Planetary Store for the re-establishment of natural abundance and the elimination of artificial systems of wealth which prey on scarcity and fear; final factory close-downs; final government phase-outs, final handing of all 12:60 forms of power and authority to Bioregional Autonomous Councils of PAN Cooperatives; PAN Culture of Peace Model Program ready for entry into biospheric Dominion of Time. Ceremonial end to two-year conversion program and restoration of human community within the cultural cradle of the biosphere. All 12:60 systems inoperative.

First World Peace: Two-Year Culture of Peace Planetary Model Program

6. 1.1 Red Rhythmic Moon, Sixth Year of Prophecy "Victory Purifies." Commence Biospheric Congress Two-year PAN Culture of Peace Model Program; all governance now held by PAN local Councils of Five. All PAN military conversion, prisoner and other rehabilitation programs now integrated into ongoing biospheric maintenance role of PAN; cities-to-gardens programs in full swing; galactic lottery (Book of Kin) social form established world-wide as basis of telepathic unification; telepathic restoration of fourth dimension balanced by common tenure of third dimension; new universal spirituality affects human race.

7. 7.15 "Victory Purifies" return of Sacred Order. Perfection of telepathic technologies for purification of radioactive and toxic waste; final preparations for elimination of electronic communication technology (Internet), to be replaced by 'neuronet,' universal telepathy and "Triumph of Religion of Truth," final elimination of falsehood; perfection of social forms for the collective unification of humanity as a planetary art spore.

8. 1.1 White Resonant Wizard, Seventh Year of Prophecy, "Victory Discharges." Convening of telepathic Round Table of Timeship Earth establishing PAN as a sub-order of galactic civilization and the human species as a bona fide planetary art spore. Advanced displays of telepathic re-ordering and transformation of radioactivity and toxic waste; final programs for establishing all humanity in the Culture of Peace Planetary Model Program.

9. 7.15 "Victory Discharges," return of Sacred Command. Advent of the Noosphere: telepathically unified humanity prepares for a single great exercise of collective mind, spirit and will, the stabilization of the Earth frequency, thus completing the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition and inaugurating the advent of the Noosphere. The matrix of the human community established in the forms of 13:20 time fulfills the sacred command of unification in time, experienced as an unprecedented collective mental, spiritual and physical unification, "the glory." Humanity liberated into paths of the fourth-dimensional order of the Dominion of Time to practice a thirteen-year trial of operating solely by the new Covenant and the new Calendar without further recourse to any prior historical convention, inclusive of the Biospheric Congress itself.

As of the Day Out of Time, White Resonant Mirror, (Gregorian, July 25, 2000) the First World Peace is concluded, the terms of the Biospheric Congress are complete, and the human species is on its own not only to maintain, but to embellish and improve upon the biosphere, until the agreed upon conclusion of the trial period of the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights and the Thirteen Moon Calendar, Yellow Galactic Seed, (Gregorian, July 26, 2013).

Fundamental Biospheric Rights, Principles and Terms of Congress and Resolutions

Whereas the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change and new Covenant of Biospheric Rights with its attendant Resolutions represent a fundamental and unprecedented change in the course of human affairs, and, whereas this fundamental change is also in the nature of an emergency measure, the First World Peace, let it hereby be proclaimed and made universally known that the sacred change embodied by the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights and its attendant Resolutions is totally spiritual in nature.

When it is asked, "With what will you replace technology and war?" answer, "We shall replace the civilization of technology and war with spirit, vision, and beauty. The land of the future is a land free for all in accord with the biospheric Dominion of Time."

Let it henceforth be proclaimed that as of Red Cosmic Moon, Thirteen Moon Victory Day, Crystal Moon 28, Third Year of Prophecy, (Gregorian, June 26 1996), that peace is universally ordained on planet Earth; that the biosphere has been reclaimed on behalf of the Dominion of Time; that the human species is now re-enrolled in the evolutionary program of the biospheric Dominion of Time; and that as of the end of the two-year conversion program, that the rights of free land, free, air, free water, free will, free worship, free life, and free time be restored to every member of the human species, and that following the two-year coordination of the PAN Culture of Peace Planetary Model Program, that clean air, clean land, and clean water be restored to the biosphere.

Further, let it be resolved that the galactic lottery for the reassignment of roles be established according to the Book of Kin, the Galactic Epic of Free Will; that the Banner of Peace be universally used in commerce, products of commerce, and all manner of exchange and artistic intercourse as an emblem signifying accord with the biospheric Dominion of Time; that universal telepathy, common tenure, and fair exchange be established as the system of unifying intelligence and trust for all humans; that a planetary order of bioregional autonomies be established for the harmonization of the human species within the biosphere; and that within the bioregional autonomies, that all governance be universally established through the Planet Art Network Cooperative Councils of the Five Orders of Time, and that, henceforth all questions of health, crime or other social disturbances be remanded to any local PAN Council of Five for artistic resolution.

Let it be known that by the terms of the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, that this Congress maintain its role as a provisional body monitoring the Biosphere-Noosphere transition, inclusive of the emergency PAN, PCC, and all matters pertaining to the two-year conversion, and the two-year establishment of the new order of PAN, effective, Thirteen Moon Victory Day, to be terminated Day Out of Time, White Resonant Mirror, (Gregorian, July 25, 2000).

Finally, to affirm the spiritual nature of the Thirteen Moon Calendar and new Covenant of Biospheric Rights, let it be resolved that tolerance and respect of differences of belief and worship be universally adopted in all human communication, so that with the advent of life fully lived in the New Order of Time, we, the people of the Earth, may witness among ourselves, in mutual love and respect of our sacred duty and mission on behalf of the biospheric Dominion of Time, the flowering of the religion of truth, the spiritually unifying force by which all falsehood shall finally be gone, and our destiny as a species within the biosphere be finally realized.

To this end may the four services for walking the Planetary Service Thirteen Moon Wavespell be promulgated universally for the liberation and unification of all of humanity into the biospheric Dominion of Time.

The four services prescribed for each human being for unifying life in the Planetary Service Wavespell:

  1. Domestic service for the restoration of domestic harmony
  2. Artistic service for self-improvement and universal harmony
  3. Social service for restoration of social harmony
  4. Biospheric service for environmental regeneration

Concerning the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

The emergency nature of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change and new Covenant of Biospheric Rights are occasioned by the evolutionary condition of the biosphere itself. This evolutionary condition is referred to as the Biosphere-Noosphere transition and is directly the result of the impact of human thought and technology upon the biosphere. This impact is referred to as a biogeochemical transformation.

At the present moment this biogeochemical transformation, the sum of the exponential growth and propagation of human population and machine, inclusive of all chemical effects, is at a crisis level. This biogeochemical crisis is the emergency attended to by the Thirteen Moon Calendar and Covenant of Biospheric Rights. By shifting direction in its course of affairs, humanity will have responded intelligently to the unprecedented crisis of the out-of-control biogeochemical transformation of the biosphere. In so doing, humanity will have engendered the inevitable conclusion of the impact of self-reflective thought upon the biosphere: the transformation of the biosphere into the noosphere, the planetary mental envelope of the telepathically unified field of humanity in harmony with the biospheric Dominion of Time.

The Congress

The World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity, Temple of Good Will, Brazilia, Brazil has an auditorium fully equipped with simultaneous translation facilities and a seating capacity of 500. Therefore, invitations are being prepared for 500 delegates to attend on behalf of the people's bioregional autonomies of planet Earth. A small number of delegates will be invited because of the critical leadership roles they play.

The Congress will be practical in nature. It is assumed that everyone present affirms and assents, in principle, to the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change, the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights and its attendant Resolutions. The pragmatic outcome of the Congress will be the empowerment and formation of the Emergency Planet Art Network and Planetary Calendar Council Command Bases for the establishment of a planetary field of action ready to begin the heroic and arduous task of creating a culture of peace, Thirteen Moon Victory Day, Crystal Moon 28, Third Year of Prophecy, (Gregorian, June 26, 1996).

The Congress will occur in an atmosphere of living art, of which the Temple of Good Will, the local of the Congress, is a vivid example. Global arts and music will be a central feature of the Congress, weaving together the day by day events into a living testimony of time is art.


While the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights will be meeting in Brasilia to affirm the Resolutions in support of the new Covenant, the Internet will also provide an interactive planetary extension of the Congress to all regions of the planet.

It is expected that the new Covenant and Resolutions, as well as information regarding the First Planetary Congress in Brazilia, will be carried on the Internet prior to the event and in conjunction with the public announcement Resonant Moon 15, Third Year of Prophecy, (Gregorian, January 24, 1996).

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