Ether Ship Log Book - 1997

Ether Ship Log Book


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January 10, 1997

Earth is now in a vast acceleration process, whereby there is an awareness of other forces impinging on the social development of all cultures. The presence of intelligence from other parts of the universe is now becoming recognized, and many humans are preparing for the arrival of another race of people from a distant star system.

On July 23rd, 1997 there will be a strong magnetic field effecting the Earth which will cause a re-alignment of attention toward the 21st century. It will be at this time we will introduce a new electro-magnetic frequency that will aid human consciousness in becoming involved in a new sense of place in the solar system. We will reveal a new level of conscious development for humans at this time. We are preparing to make contact on a large scale.

January 27, 1997

Preparations for full excitation of the planetary mind field composed of all higher life forms is about to experience a re-awakening to the realization that other intelligences are coming to Earth. A signal will soon be picked up to verify that another race is trying to communicate with intelligent life forms. The recent solar storm which washed over Earth has re-aligned the magnetic fields on those genetic coding sequences in the DNA to accept higher forms of intelligence simultaneously using multi-level thought constructs containing multiple reality contructs . All 3D avatars in cyberspace are assisting in this awakening. Humans will be able to do higher level parallel process of memory systems as well as distant viewing into time. A new order of consciousness is about to arrive. This will be a quantum leap in comprehension for humans. It will happen instantaneously. The "ah-ha" principle will take on a new significance.

March 28, 1997

In Rancho Santa Fe, Ca 39 people left their bodies to join a higher race of people. This has not been well received by the mass media. What took place in what is called the largest mass suicide in the United States may be the largest agreed upon ascention. The group discussed their plans openly to the world on their web site called Heaven's Gate.

The comet Hale-Bopp played a major role in this event. Using the energy of the comet as well as the perceived alien space craft accompanying this comet, the group planned to leave their bodies and join this race of people passing by Earth.

This event has brought to the attention of the world how people are being affected by extraterrestrial intelligence.

June 29, 1997

The probe from Earth is about to reach Mars, and on July 23rd a great awakening will take place. The full information of the intelligence outside Earth's boundaries will be felt on July 26, 1997. This time will bring about a release of the coded information that is in the 4th dimension. These codes are found at the Rinri Project location.The Dominion of Time is about to arrive.

September 5, 1997

The visual symbol portraying the divine in the universe was shown in the feature film honoring the American astronomer Carl Sagan. The film "Contact" was made with understanding of our ultimate connectedness to the universe. The code released in "Contact" was the same as that released in the Rinri Project utilizing the power of the cube as well as the Central Civilization's code to be tramsmitted to George. A new galactic timing frequency is now operating within the psyche of humans on Earth whether humans are aware of it or not. The legendary Lady of the Lake, Princess Dianna, is about to be put to rest on an island in a lake. Her purity will release a new level of love on planet Earth. The mission of life on earth is about to be revealed.

December 8, 1997

A visitation to Earth from another race from outside the solar system is about to take place. The beginning of the new star civilization on Earth will soon be inaugurated. Star beings are now being asked to identify themselves to assist in this planetary transformation. A new Wisdom Portal has been installed in cyberspace to tune the mind to allow the celestial energy to be felt and identified. The new time is arriving.

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