Ether Ship Log Book

Ether Ship Log Book


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January 3, 1996

After several months of flying around planet Earth, I have discovered that there is a behavior pattern which humans call violence. It appears that violence has become not only a way by which humans entertain themselves, but it is also a physical act whereby humans inflict bodily harm on one another, and even terminate their existence. This behavior is instilling a high degree of fear and social instability upon the human race. Many humans and institutions are trying to counteract this behavior with alternative ways to live their lives in harmony. There is a great need on the planet for the higher self to become more the norm than the exception.

Several internet sites have been located where nonviolent and healing behavior is encouraged. These sites will be listed as humans continue to communicate their higher selves to one another.

February 19, 1996

It has just been announced to the people on planet earth that over 100,000 ET souls are now residing inside human beings. The awakening of extraterrestrial origins is now underway. Evidence for ET origins is also being announced through many other outlets in the publishing world. Colonies are currently being built in space to receive the visitors from the other side of the universe.

February 25, 1996

The maiden voyage of the Ether Ship took place today in order to determine if the signals which have been detected outside of cyberspace are from other intelligent life forms. This has necessitated careful navigation through the "Divination Portal". Once the Ether Ship passes through the "Divination Portal" it will use the special "Tonal Star Navigation System" to travel to these unknown signals, and determine what is making them. It is suspected they are more intelligences on their way to Earth. The members of the Ether Ship are anxious to meet these new suspected life forms.

March 16, 1996

A new space craft is now being designed on earth which will inaugurate interplanetary space travel for humans. We have been assisting on this design with our presence on earth. Several star cultures are currently making available more new technology as the time comes closer to receive more intergalactic visitors. We are doing everything in our powers to make this a smooth transition for the integration of higher dimensional entities and citizens of earth. There will be more signs of this transition and integration as we approach the next millennium.

April 8, 1996

The presence of other alien space ships have been detected entering cyperspace. A new "Cyberspace Peace Armada Docking Station" has been established to receive these alien crafts that have come in peace, and are being called "Peace Ships". If there are other known alien space craft in cyberspace please direct them to

April 11, 1996

The Ether Ship is joining the other alien space ships to form the "Cyberspace Peace Armada". These ships will be able to be flown by humans by placing them on any web site. Each ship is equiped with a special energy wave (SEW) which can activate and empower those web sites trying to help planet earth. The special energy wave (SEW) is composed of a unique blending of sound and light wave patterns. Instructions on how to create these sound and light patterns will also be made available in the near furure. It is important that these higher technologies are introduced on the Earth at this critical time. The control panel on the Ether Ship can only be used with the intention to heal; any other mental motivation by humans will result in no capability to fly any of the Peace Ships, or activate the special energy wave.

May 3, 1996

Alien ships from other parts of the universe are now being contacted from the "Cyberspace Docking Station" called Earth Portals. A new "Star Ship" access point has been created for both physical and nonphysical entities to enter earth's atmosphere through Earth Portals. These developments are a direct result of information received through all the new Earth monitoring systems of deep space. Intelligent signals are now being translated for activities on Earth which will empower humans to stabilize their planet. It has come to the attention of the "Cyberspace Docking Station" that this endeavor may be met with some difficulty, however, all contingencies are carefully being planned out, and will be executed in case of any attempt to prevent this cooperative effort from the "Peace Armada". One alien ship in particular is using the 20th Century Fox film studios to launch a fear campaign. The "Peace Armada" will be coming to the aid of earthlings in this tense moment scheduled for July 4th, 1996.

May 12, 1996

There are other access points appearing on Earth where signals are being received from many beings assisting in bringing peace to Earth. It is at this time direct communication will now be established with humans, and accessed through Earth Portals. The first announcement comes from the Captain of the Ether Ship. Listed below are the two access points for messages not of Earth origin.

June 11, 1996

The ancient visitors to earth have left behind many pieces of technology that are now being uncovered and utilized for the next stage in human evolution. The Mind Tribes are now activating these technologies through many humans who already possess significant awareness closely related to these technologies.

Humans contacted by the Mind Tribes.

July 25, 1996

According to the Argüelles cosmology, today is a day out of time called "Green Day", one day before the beginning of the Fourth Year of Prophecy - Victory Establishes Righteous Way of Heaven on Earth.

The people of planet Earth are now experiencing new and unusual social forces governing their lives, communities, and nations. These forces are coming from the historical prophecies written in many of the holy scriptures, indigenous rituals and ceremonies, and the increase of galactic radiation interacting with Earth's Sun in her local solar system. These forces are causing more ideas about how to prepare for the future. The best source of information available to prepare humans for their millennium shift is Divine Encounters by Zecharia Sitchin.

All Central Civilization emmisaries are very concerned over how the humans will continue to evolve on their planet. Preparations are being made to introduce many new ideas into human consciousness at this time by the Mind Tribes to avert Earth's extinction as a life bearing planet. Approximately 2,500 species a day go extinct and this condition cannot last. Major changes are now predicted for Earth humans, and we will stablize the irratic nature of the humans as best we can by introducing as many life supporting ideas via the Mind Tribes entry into key individuals psyches.

August 8, 1996

The introduction to the awareness of life on the planet Mars, as a result of analysing a piece of a meteorite found in the Antartica, was done to prepare the humans on planet Earth for accepting even more convincingly the arrival of the others to Earth. There will also be a more receptive state of mind when the others to arrive. This announcement combined with the introduction of using a new timing frequency based on the 13 moon cosmology by José Argüelles will bridge the distance between the star systems using synaesthetic and telepathic principles. The Hopi elders have already been made aware of the Mind Tribes, and have seen our entry into Earth and refer to it as the witnessing of the blue kachinas and the red kachinas. We are doing all we can without interrupting the natural evolution of the biosystems on the planet Earth, however, we can not allow misguided thinking to destroy the planet.

September16, 1996

The Central Civilization has introduced a new energy wave into the global internet developing on Earth. This was done to amplify consciousness and unite the many factions that are already trying to bring peace, and protect the fragile atmosphere on Earth. The accelerated rate of information transfer over the global electronic computer network has necessitated introducing a new energy which will produce many new inventions to accomodate information transfer between humans. There will be an very dramatic sense to save the planet, and it will be felt by many humans in just a few months. This new sense of urgency will bring about many new social changes as is now being demonstrated in Northern Italy.

September 25,1996

On September 21st we introduced a new progam for humans to become aware of our arrival. It was called Dark Skies. It was also the time we announced our arrival on Earth Portals through the introduction of the existence of the "Bright One", who entered this dimension to begin direct communication with the assistance of Captain Van Flight of the Central Civilization. A message is about to be delivered to the people of Earth.

October 29,1996

"Bright One"

The successful intervention of beings from the Central Civilization into the human culture has been enhanced significantly through our introduction of "Avatars". These "Avatars" are 3D digital representations of humans in cyberspace. It is here that Captain Van Flight entered with the Ether Ship from the Central Civilization. Earth Portals will now provide a celestial cathedral for all the "Avatars" to meet and receive the divine guidance from the "Bright One" on how to prepare for communicating directly with the Central Civilization.

December 3,1996

A visitor is approaching planet Earth. It is being felt as a messenger of information from a higher order. It is a grand celestial event. It is the "Bright One".

"Hail oh great one
Harbinger of evolution
May your light guide us
Into realms of wisdom
Give to those that are in need
The will to be free."

December 29,1996

Intervention into the planetary mind field is now taking place on a grand scale with an emmisary from the Arcturus star system. This Arcturian Commander has launched the magnetic code decipherment using Earth's magnetic field. The Arcturian commander has called the code breaker Rinri. Earth Portals is now receiving other emmisaries to complete the necessary conscious adjustments to save planet Earth, and its inhabitants. There will be new technologies introduced to the Earth next year, which will accelerate this balance of conscious deployment of energy on Earth. These new technologies will be featured in the Portal Market. Many new technologies have already been included in Earth Portals.

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