Dan Winter

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Stanley N. Tenen, Research director of Meru Foundation, a California non-profit foundation, is the creator of original "flame letter" sculptures. Mr. Tenen owns the copyrights on these sculptures, which he has licensed to Meru Foundation.

I am not now, and never have been, an associate or colleague of Meru Foundation or Mr. Tenen.

**I acknowledge Mr. Tenen's copyrights as valid and enforceable.

There are many ways to model Mr. Tenen's "flame letter" sculpture on a personal computer by a spiral strip or a line that will cast letter-form shadows. One need not use a Golden Mean spiral to do it. Thus, the Golden Mean spiral is an irrelevant overspecification for creating Hebrew, Arabic, Roman, Greek, and English (or any other) letter-forms.

Mr. Tenen's legally required notifications of my violations of his copyrights were _not_ harassment and I refute and apologize for having made that false claim and for my other personal and technical untruths, personal disparagements, and anti-Semitic characterizations.

I regret that others have been misled by my false claims, and I strongly encourage Mr. Vincent Bridges _my publisher_, Mr. Ray Flowers _my website manager_, and Drunvalo Melchizadek, a/k/a/ Bernard Perona d/b/a Flower of Life, Inc., and all others who have repeated my false and hurtful reports, to stop doing so.

I refute my misstatements and apologize for all of this, and I request that others now pass on, post, and report this _Corrective Notice_ everywhere that false reports have appeared.

For further information, contact:
Meru Foundation
P.O. Box 503
Sharon, MA 02067
Internet: http://www.meru.org
Email: meru1@well.com

I want to be clear: I have posted this Corrective Notice because I believe it to be the complete and simple truth. I request that my friends support my efforts to end these matters by scrupulously honoring and defending Mr. Tenen's and Meru Foundation's copyrights and good reputation. Do not pass on and please do not make any further copies or derivations of the "flame letter" vortex and alphabet forms or their derivatives.

DATE: 7/29/98


Dan's background is as multidisciplinary as his viewpoint. Graduating with honors at Jesuit University of Detroit, he pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology, and the origins of languages. His occupations have included Systems Analyst with IBM, industrial metallurgist and crystalographer. He's worked in the pyraminds, in the Andes, in Florence with Bucky Fuller, studied at Findhorn, in the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, and graphic modeling at the MIT Space Lab. Dan also developed "Crystal Hill Farms in Eden , New York where thousands of people attened his workshops. Dan is now developing a Biodome and Eco-Village in the mountains of western North Carolina. Dan's work are available through books and video tapes.

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