History of the Ether Ship

The story finally told.

On a cold winter's night in 1972, on a country road 30 miles east of Minneapolis, MN, I saw a bright space ship stop in mid air directly above the road, and directly in front of my car. It was a clear night at about 4 a.m. in the cold morning hours. I got out of the car to take a better look, and it was so cold I got back in the car, and then the bright ship just moved to the left and disappeared into the black star-filled sky. I sat there in the car astonished, and somewhat amazed and numb. I was on my way to the University of Minnesota for a video conference. When I arrived at the dormitory I immediately took out a sketch pad and drew everything I saw from memory.

Shortly thereafter, designs and blueprints of a sound and light ship appeared in my dreams. The details of those dreams were so exact that I was compelled to build what I saw in my dreams. The mock space ship was built in 1972, and appears above, in concert, on a stage at the University of Wisconsin in 1976. The Ether Ship, as I called it, appeared in concert accross the country at colleges and universities, and often times in other unique settings and locations.

The experiences I had with the Ether Ship lasted over ten years, and the beauty of the Earth was revealed to me in my dreams. I learned that the distance between Earth and the rest of the universe was only a short distance, and could be accessed by seeing the openings which exists between all things. I learned it was a porous universe and that everything is connected to everything else.

With the advent of cyberspace the Ether Ship has found a new space to fly in. The maiden voyage of the Ether Ship has gone outside of cyberspace and into the galaxy, and has met other intelligent life forms. Many jouneys are now planned, and it is hoped many new surprises will be forth coming.

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