Language Institute - Bangkok University
Phaholyotin Road, Klong 1 - Klong Luang, Prathumthani, Thailand 12120

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From USA: 011 66 89 894 3030


Work History: 1980 - Present
May 2010 - Oct Present
English Faculty
Language Institute, Bangkok University
Title: Ajarn
Duties: Research on new educational methodologies, Teach English for Communicative Arts
and English for specific purposes

April 2007 - Oct 2009
English Faculty
Language Center, Nakon Sawan Rajabhat University
Title: Ajarn
Duties: Teach Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening. Develop Internet-based online learning strategies.

Nov 2006 - Mar 2007
ELS Language Center, Dominican University of California
Title: ESL Teacher at the ESL Language Center
Duties: Teach Conversation, Listening and Speaking and Pronunciation

Oct 2005 - Oct 2006
Sathit Demonstration School, a Division of Rajabhat University in Nakhon Sawan
Title: Ajarn
Duties: Teach Reading, Writing, Conversational Skills. Pathom 1-6 (primary)- Mattayom 1-6 (secondary)

Oct 2004 - Oct 2005
Phiraphol Tritasavit, PH.D - Governor Province of Nakhon Sawan
a. Aide-de-Camp - to Govenor
Duties: Trade Correspondence, Foriegn Language Correspondence, Tourism Strategies, OTOP Promotion
b. Chief Administrative Officer - Office of Export Promotion
Duties: Coordinate buying and selling of commodities in Nakhon Sawan Province to other countries using the internet, promote tourism, and promote OTOP products.

Nov 2003 - Nov 2005
English Faculty
Title: Ajarn
Duties: Teach Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening. Develop Internet-based online learning strategies.
Spring 2000
Managing Director: Sakon Singapore
Title: Managing Director
Duties: Building client relationships, client transactions, strategic and policy initiatives in
E-commerce, & E-business, sales force implementation, and SE Asian e-commerce strategies.

Jan 2000 - Mar 2010
Portal Market
Title: Owner/Operator
Duties: Marketing analysis of e-commerce applications for products and services.
International e-commerce strategies.
Business to Business analysis.
Product research and development.
Import and Export implementation.

Aug 99 - Jan 2000
CCI Telemarketing
Title: Telecom Internet Specialist
Duties: Lead generation for:
  • High Band width connectivity:DSL,T-1 - T-3, Frame Relay, ISDN
  • VPN connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Protocol stacks: H.323, X.25, PPP
  • Embedded systems programming
  • VOIP
Apr 97 - Jan 1999
Whole Earth Networks San Francisco, CA
Title: Communication and Internet Consultant
E-Commerce solutions. Web hosting solutions. Dedicated T-1 installation
Full solution communications analyst

Jun 95 - Present
Sky Portal Design Studio San Francisco, CA
Partner: Cinnamon Sky
Title: Web Site Designer and Art Director
Internet Consultant: latest software applications, future direction of the web.
Seminars and workshops on web page design.
Client driven web page design.
Original graphics, photography.
Public relations.

Feb 95 - Jun 95
Computer Currents Magazine
Emeryville, CA
Title: Online Assistant
Duties: HTML Web designer

Jan 85 - Jul 91
Computer Consultant & Fashion Research Journalist
Pittsburgh, PA
Technical and descriptive report writing on new software and hardware in Apparel Industry Trade Journals, Retail Journals, Merchanding Journals, Electronic Display Journals, CAD/CAM Journals, Computer Journals, Popular Trade Journals.
On-site analysis of current software for apparel markets.
Direct consulting to colleges and universities for computer CAD/CAM design software and hardware.

Oct 83 - Jan 85
Hi-Technology Associates
Pittsburgh, PA
Title: Director Public Relations & Advertisement
Conduct market research for Hi-Tech products
Tele-marketing focusing on CEOs
Develop seminars to teach database retrieval strategies.
Produce multimedia presentations in slide and video formats
Review and analyse venture capital proposals for invesment viability.

Jan 82 - Oct 83
Information Research Consulting Group
Pittsburgh, PA
Title: VP Marketing and Sales
Developed marketing and sales strategies for computer conferencing applications.
Make sales presentations to corporate planners.
Managed sales force in regional W. PA area.

Sept 80 - Jan 82
NASA - Industrial Application Center now the Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC)
Pittsburgh, PA
Title: Media Consultant
Market RECON database literature to industrial clients.
Conduct research on Dept. of Defense (DOD) databases.
Develop technology transfer media presentations.

Special Interests


Work References

Lou Musanti-former Pres Hi-Technology Associates
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(412) 492-0296

Gene Debons - former Pres Information Research Consulting Group (active)
Tuczon, AZ
(480) 503-0955

Teaching Reference for MIS
Professor Dr. Anthony Debons
Information Science Dept.
University of Pittsburgh.
(412) 279-6170