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An Experience in Super-Consciousness

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Bhai Sahib

Founder and Honorable Brother

Quote from Vibrant Celestial Meditation Workbook:

If any form of prayer and worship which we categorize as "meditation" is fruitful and successful. we must attain to a state of a rapport or union with God. We cannot achieve this unless we have some comprehension or understanding of the nature of God. From His magnanimous attributes of, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence, it is impossible by the Conscious mind of man to really grasp and understand His true nature. Therefore the only way open to us is to feel His presence. This comes about only if we can shut off and obliterate the limitations of our analytical Conscious Mind which as pointed out above is simply incapable of understanding God. Hence, the feeling of his presence can happen if we deaden our mind which comes about only through very deep surrender.

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Important Announcement - Bhai Sahib passed away Nov.19, 2011

The World Spiritual Foundation (WSF) a charitable, non-profit establishment, is the nucleus of a world-wide organization of people of all Races, Faiths, and Philosophical backgrounds, united in homage as a homogeneous humanity, before the greatness of the One Almighty God, to fulfill His perennial Plan for the rejuvination of Society through a Vibrant yet solaceful Spiritual awakening.

Why the Need:

Man is not merely a bundle of Body, Mind and Emotions, but also something more sublime, variously referred to as, the Spiritual, the Soul, the Psyche. These latent attributes are in fact more potent than our other potentialities. If we are not aware of this intrinsic endowment and its latent capacity, which far surpasses our other mundane material modalities, then we are simply not living our lives in accordance with our noble natures and comprehensive competence.



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