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Ezekiel was surely a man of high intelligence, gifted with rare powers of observation. He had the incredible ability to keep his intellect unimparied by the emotional turmoil caused by the first encounter. Yet he was in a condition of shock by the time he observed the commander of the vessel. Ezekiel wrote that it took him seven days to recover from the experience. One could therefore expect him to say that he had seen God, and that God spoke to him, yet he compared the figue of the commander to that of "Adam' or 'man, and very soberly says 'one spoke to me'. Never in all his encounters with the commander and other members ofd the crew does he show any reverence.

The information conveyed by Ezekiel leads us to conclude that he came in contact with part of an expeditionary force; there are unmistakable questions of rank, formal communication and organization. This, combined with the assumption that extraterrestrial civilizations too would have to have economic control of activities they undertake, lead us to surmise that-even for financial reasons-Ezekiel cannot have been the sole purpose and target of the enterprise.

With such notions, however, I obviously begin to leave the territory of provable engineering affirmations. For several reasons, I conclude that Ezekiel's encounters with spaceships and his prophesies do not coincide in time. He could of seen the space vessel on one day and have his prophetic experience months of even years later. Yet the commander spoke to the prophet. We know from the history of the bibical Book of Ezekiel that it was edited some time after it had been written. Several points of my engineering investigation show that editing to have been done with complete honesty and truthfulness, although the lack of knowledge of what Ezekiel really meant become evident in some places. We are justified to assume, consequently, that some of the commandr's sayings may be contained in what we now consider as Ezekiel's visions and prophesies. It would be of very great interest, of course, to have these non-technical parts of the Book of Ezekiel searched acccordingly. Since his revelations were written down long before the advent of flying machines or rockets, the only way man could interpret Ezekiel's enigmatic statements was through religion and, especially, mysticism.

The application of engineering knowledge leaves no voids in the text's interpretation, nor does it require any force to achieve agreement. Attempts to explain the same phenomenon by vision, hallucination, or psychological or astrological effects requires one to accept a long series of coincidences. These would be necessary, indeed, to substantiate the congruities which I have established technically.

Today's established position concerning visitors from beyond the Earth can be summed up by the statement: 'We do not know where they came from and how they arrived here, so they cannot have been here'. With time, the evidence will grow into a more understandable pattern, so that we can then declare: 'They were here, so they must of come here'. Advanced technology provides a means to make progress in this field, and I hope to stir enough interest in other engineers (not only design and structural specialist) to perform similar studies. And we cannot work for long without the support of scientistphysicists, archeologists and ethologists. What is needed foremost is open-minded cooperation, and I plead for that.

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