Ether Ship Log Book

Ether Ship Log Book


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September 9, 1995

As the 21st century approaches, the human race is struggling. Fear that national territories will be taken away causes great wars to be waged all over the Earth. Institutions which are set up to assist in the regulation of human activities begin to lose their effectiveness. Stricter controls have resulted in more totalitarian states. Humans begin to attack social structures imposed by the nation states. Intense negotiations by tribal leaders occupy more time than planning for the future of the human race. The social infrastructure of societies begins to disintegrate. One possible solution is a united world government.

September 30, 1995

Recent developments with humans using the Internet have increased the level of consciousness integration which will make the acceptance of meeting other intelligences in the universe easier. Interstellar navigational system awareness can now be demonstrated. A star chart with sound points can be used to explore how the distance between star systems is collapsed with tonal star navigation. This star chart is an example of how space can be organized by geometric vertices connected by sound.

October 3, 1995

Preparations are now being made by humans to travel to the distant planets. We are aware of this, and have been watching the Mir space craft. We will provide assistance by introducing the appropriate technology as the humans progress into space. We have already introduced several new mediums by which humans can become prepared for meeting new galactic civilizations.

Click on Mir for full screen photo. (112K)

October 11, 1995

As the year 2000AD approaches, for the Earth based timing system, human beings begin to wonder what will happen to their planet. Throughout the civilizations on Earth there is talk of the return of a great teacher or a cataclysmic event. We are constantly introducing ideas into the planetary mind field which will help all humans better prepare for this great return and galactic awareness.

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