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SMO as suggested by Ashtar Sheran. Increasing numbers of the group members are in their turn becoming channels for the various spiritual entities who, alarmed at what is happening on the Earth desire to help us and to protect us from the repercussions of the current course of human action, not only on us and on the Earth but on the cosmos. They are encouraging our spiritual evolution and indicating how we can take responsibility for our own physical and material well. being by working at the level of pure energy where we can change, transmute, amplify, enliven our lives as well as communicating and linking with many, many beings even in a single meeting.

These messages have been translated from Italian with the intent of retaining the presence of the entity rather that searching for grammatical or syntactic perfection. The entities that we receive generally refer to themselves in the plural and may use both singular and plural even when replying to single person. It is important to read these messages, not only as specific indications but as a ìpacket of energyî that they are transmitting to you. Read the message slowly and feel what ripples form in your soul , what echoes you hear, what they are telling you at an intuitive level rather than intellectual level. It is necessary to tolerate the state of not understanding and to simply perceive.

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The messages are numbered and will be presented in chronological order. Please contact The COOP COSMO for messages that you may have missed. email:

Ashtar, Adionesis, Dior, Samuele, Seth

Message from "Ashtar" Channeled by Anna Federighi

1st March 1996
1.20 a.m.

Aloonn earlthy brothers, this is Ashtar Sheran speaking, bringing you the concept of COSMIC LOVE which will unite heaven and earth!

There are urgent matters on your planet that require a joint effort in order to transmit to all of you. You have the means at your disposal, and remember that this is the only means, that will permit you to perform the necessary action needed to bring the Earth to the level of vibration that will allow it to realign with the cosmic acceleration already in act .

Telepathy is the means that will allow you to be in comunication with us and others on Earth who are ready to be awakened.

Using this telepathic link each person will learn how to deal with his own problems and at the same time will be able to use the love directed first towards himself and then towards others to balance the negativity that is everywhere. Remember that light transforms darkness!

This will also give you a greater determination in using positive thoughts even in moments when outside events pull you down, since your innner knowingness will allow you to understand why you find yourself in such a situation.

We will help you by sending concepts for the New Earth in which there will be exercises that allow you to turn the old punitive concepts upside down and to replace them with total self acceptance. The re-evaluation of your qualities will make you realise that you deserve to live in joy and to use the least effort to obtain the maximum result while living in a state of increasing interior peace.

We see you in all your aspects, therefore have faith in our choice and begin to search for the treasures within you! We need every one of you to become a telepathic link so that by being in contact you channel heavenly energy to the Earth. This energy will have an effect on the vibrational level, bringing about a change of energy which is indispensable for the formation of the New Earth.

Aloon, cosmic companions, may your path bring you an awakening of the heart.

Peace to all.

is happening more and more frequently that we need to contact you during the night, but you will understand that this is because the energy fields are clearer.

Belonging to Sirius, I feel it is my duty to communicate our precise task as regards you on Earth. I, in particular, am in charge of your enlightenment. On this occasion I am beaming you (Anna) a 6x6 gamma ray, already oriented by Adoniesis for better telepathic reception. The mystery of telepathy is not really a mystery in that we use energy bands to which you have access and in which you detect particular vibrations due to your capacity for letting yourself go in the face of the unknown; unknown that becomes knowable when we meet in these energy bands. Communication makes it possible to interact, directing your attention, to capabilities that few of you realize that you have and are therefore not used.

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I now wish to communicate to you the next step in Operation Katamar-Solterrestre-Sirius.

The approach of 20 space craft is going to permit a stronger relay between us and thus the awakening of many beings who are ready but battling with solicitations that they aren't able to identify nor to understand.

Your task is to communicate the following opportunity in the period 26th May-14th June 1996.

In order to permit a conscious first step towards telepathic contact and to create a movement of energy that will positively influence the outcome, attention should be directed to the heavens, with awareness on the possible opening of receptive channels.

It is by directing your attention that you attract the energy configuration of the space craft assigned to the recognition of new telepathic links.

They will be attracted to the kindling flames of faith, intercepting internal vibrations and creating a mingling of cosmic energy instrumental in awakening man by means of active contact.

We ask you (Anna) to intercede with as many people as you can, passing on this message so that gradually the ripples spread and reach as many people as possible. You see how we always return to the beginning? This is because without your active help we couldn't send these beams of stimuli.

Now I will explain exactly what to do:

It is positive to be energetically pure (to have "cleaned" one's aura) and to distance polluting thoughts by taking the mind to an imaginary place conducive to relaxation.

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Those who already know their personal cosmic code number should say it to themselves to create contact with the celestial spheres, while for everyone else the access code is K003. It is important to have a personal code number that "registers" each person individually because it simplifies the Earth-Heaven link. We therefore suggest to you (Anna), that you make yourself available for this purpose to whomever wishes to tale part in operation Katama. We want you to pass on this messagedo that interchange between us can be accellerated.

At this point one should turn his or her face upwards so that the third eye is perpendicular to the heavens, either sitting or lying, whichever is the most comfortable and which will favour the relaxation needed to make contact. There is no need to feel any fear because having used either the personal or alternative code it is not possible to find yourselves in a situation of non positivity. I say this because while you formulate these codes in your minds you open yourselves to an energy that is linked principally to a protective mechanism.

I personally, am following this operation as in terms of enlightenment it is positive to create the situation for you Earthlings to enter the ranks of cosmic contacts. If we build the right foundations then the rest will follow without effort, amplifying the futuristic concepts that make up the New Earth.

We all wish to contribute to this change in Earth's level of vibration in order to avoid the danger of according even more space to the opposing forces on your planet. Become the antithesis to these forces and allow us to use your vibratory fields for the transfer of cosmic energy, both for you own evolution and for all those with whom you come in contact!

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Alon to you Anna and to the spontaneous assistance you offer us, making it so much easier for us to become active among you on Earth.

Ashtar, Adionesis, Dior, Samuele, Seth

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