Message to Pope John Paul II

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Your Eminence:

The Soul of the World is crying out for genuine change. By listening to and heeding this appeal you can give genuine spiritual assistance. But if you turn away, then know that my Lord and your Lord are One, the Lord of Retribution and the Lord of Mercy.

Since 1989 we have proposed a calendar reform based on the discovery of the natural and artificial timing frequencies . The moral abyss of the current condition of the human race is due to its being maintained by the artificial 12:60 timing frequency, whose daily schedule is set by the erroneous and illogical Gregorian calendar. The biologically correct calendar to replace the Gregorian is the regular Thirteen Moon 28-Day calendar, known by the ancient Maya time science as the Tun Uc, or Moon Count. Please note: the Gregorian calendar is not a standard of measure, a criterion which is satisfied by the regular 28-day cycle of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. This is the moral mandate.

To change from the Gregorian to the Thirteen Moon 28-Day calendar is to redeem the destruction of the Mayan knowledge system decreed by the doctrine of Discovery, AD 1452, and completed by the Gregorian Calendar Reform of AD 1582. The New World Calendar Reform will allow the Church another opportunity before the advent of the Millennium to clear itself of the genocidal destruction of the New World Civilizations. This is the historic mandate.

The change from the Gregorian to the Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar is called for by the bio-sphere-noosphere transition, the cumulative social-environmental change brought about by the effects of the 12:60 timing frequency: unbridled industrialization. Only a shift to the natural 13:20 timing frequency represented by the natural Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar will begin to alter this situation in order to avoid a catastrophic biosphere collapse. this is the scientific mandate.

To declare that all of humanity is living an error in time that allowed to run its course would be the cause of the imminent collapse of the planetary life-support system is to evoke Judgment Day. if there were no false tome, there would be no Judgment Day. The knowledge of the timing frequencies and its pragmatic implementation as the New World Calendar Reform is therefore, also a Divine fiat. to heed it is to adhere to truth and Divine Order; to ignore it is to go against the truth which is inseparable from Divine command. This is the theological mandate.

In 1956, the United Nations Economic and Social Council adjourned debate on calendar reform. On December 4, 1962, the Holy See issued an Appendix to the Vatican 11 Council entitled "Declaration of the Ecumenical Council on Calendar Reform." Since 1993, we have made various appeals to the Holy Father regarding this change. In 1994 we proposed the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan as a way of celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995. The United Nations did not accept our proposal, but the Director-General of UNESCO recognized the merits for peace which the proposed calendar change offered. In 1998, as requested by Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, we submitted the proposal of the Calendar Reform to the Permanent U.S. Mission to the United Nations. In March 1998, we presented the calendar change to members of the Mayan Council of Elders, Guatemala. The proposal is now with various Indigenous as well as Islamic national leaders.

Following two World Congresses formalizing the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and the Discovery of the Law of Time ( 1996, 1997 ), we traveled to the Vatican early in 1998 to present the New World Calendar Reform. this Calendar Reform is effective, Sunday, July 26, 1998, when the seven days of the week of the Thirteen Moon Calendar synchronize with the seven days of the week of the Gregorian Calendar for one year. This is the last opportunity before the Millennium for this fundamental change. The July 26 synchronization accords with the Mayan prophetic tradition of the Chilam Balam, and this date is now observed popularly by growing numbers of people world-wide.

The Perpetual Thirteen Moon Calendar satisfies the Vatican's 1962 declaration requiring a perpetual civil calendar with respect to Sunday, which is the first day of every single one of the 52 weeks, year after year. If it were not for the "day-out-of time", no day of the week at all, a day for pardon and forgiveness, there could be no way of maintaining a civil calendar that is truly perpetual. The question of the accumulated days now noted as leap year is resolved by a 13-day spiritual jubilee every 52 years. There is no longer any reason to hesitate concerning the issue of Calendar Reform. In advance of the Y2K ( Year 2000 ) computer failure, the Calendar Reform is the pretext for a spiritual peace plan to be supervised by a World Ecumenical Council for the Theology of Peace. let your spiritual conscience be aroused that the Holy Father himself may announce to the world this urgent spiritual and universal peace plan.

In service to the Universal Religion on Earth,

Dr. Jose Arguelles and Mrs Lloydine Arguelles, Coordinators

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