The Train to Brahmaloka: Ancient space ships of India

The Ether Ship has traveled through the universe in times impossible to calculate. The Etherean civilization has encountered many other civilizations but none so grand as the royal guardians of the interdimensional space portals allowing entry into a kingdom filled with awe inspiring temples and towers made of precious gems found throughout the universe. These beings had landed once on earth many millennia ago and had introduced themselves to the people of the land now called India. Carvings of their arrival exist with petroglyphs in caves and in art work and stories which have captured the imagination of every civilization on earth.

In 1973 the Ether Ship appeared inside a train car at Grand Central Station in New York City for the New York Avant Garde Art Festival organized by Charlotte Morman. The experience was very strange being deep down inside the subterranean levels of Grand Central Station. It was an extremely erie feeling. It was dark and everything around the Ether Ship seemed rusty and made of metal. The electronic sounds coming from the Ether Ship combined with the electric violin of Walter Steading and the electric harmonica of Lemon DeGeorge added still another dimension to an already strange environment to be performing in.

The effect of hearing electronic sounds reverberating inside the train created a very mesmerizing sound space and one that allowed the imagination to travel in many different places. In a way it felt as if it were a very large space ship traveling through time. Many strange images began to appear in front of me but none so dramatic as very unusual shapes with people standing in them. The images created a very distinct feeling of being in another world and the inside of the train car was transformed into a very elaborate corridor which we seemed to be traveling through.


Vimana flying machines of ancient India

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