Harmonic Neurons

Willard Van De Bogart

Dedicated to the late Oliver Leslie Reiser (1895-1974)
Article published in World Union Pondicherry, India 1976

It does not take very long after studying the evolution of man to realize that sound has played a very significant part in the development of his cultures. The esoteric literature which has filtered down through the ages presents one of the most comprehensive understandings of sound, as well as the medium of light, towards the furtherance of man's consciousness, his art, and the understanding of how to exist in many different time zones and spatial regions. It has been written that the use of sound in pre-Atlantean cultures, Chaldean cultures, and Essene cultures, enabled man to further understand how sound could be used for astral traveling, altered states of consciousness, and the reuniting with civilizations in other sectors of the universe. What was this understanding of the electromagnetic spaceetime spectrum which enabled these cultures to have a larger participation with our galaxy and the universe? The answers to how these cultures, and others of ages past, accomplished these feats may be lost forever. However, I say may because the new surge of consciousness expansion within the cultures of our time, coupled with very advanced technology, is revealing the complexities of the invisible world of subatomic structures which are responsible for the cohesiveness of matter and allows form and structure to be perceived by our own limited frequency range within the vast electromagnetic spectrum of sound and light.

Through optics research and spectral analysis from the Orbiting Solar Observatory, 050 No. 7 of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), new knowledge concerning the composition and formation of the universe is coming about. It is interesting to note that vibratory sound-fields do exist within the subatomic worlds which in turn are responsible for molecular structures maintaining their specific particle configurations. The transcending from the micro worlds to the macro worlds contains the same ratios of particle configurations for all atomic structuring of the elements. This fact when applied to the specific area of neurophysiology reveals clues as to how the ancient cultures were able to enter other dimensions of time and space through the creation of sounds. The understanding of sound and how it relates to the mind as well as how it relates to the micro and macro worlds within the universe is essential in creating harmonic relationships which are responsible for giving matter its .initial form. A sound is a frequency. 'A frequency is a term given to locate vibrations within a unit of time. To locate sounds in the audible frequency range, and then combining these sounds in such a specific way as to alter matter and participate in time dimensions, requires at first a feeling for the evolution of sound and how it is causing cultural transformations in the present day.

New technology or technology which represents the present-day state of the art in sonics, architectonics, electra-acoustics, and other areas of study related to sound, shows that man's behavior is affected very significantly by being immersed in a sound environment. The cultures of the past sensed this very well by creating instruments that were used as an integral part of the social structuring. Before the instruments came, however, it was the sounds of nature which began the education of the relationships of sound in nature and ultimately the learning of how sounds give nature its shape and appearance. It is also written that the creative force at work in its incessant task of transformation produces color, sound, and numbers in shapes or rates of vibration which compound and dissociate the atoms and molecules.

Everything in nature is producing a voice or producing a sound: the ocean with white noise as it meets the beach, the wind, and the city. The city is the thousands of years of man's evolution dealing with sound. Now the planet is laced with media machines that broadcast sounds so that all languages can be heard in any part of the world at any time. The planet earth is now a vibrating sound sphere amplified through the use of electronics. The cultures of today which have to live within this modulated frequency environment are being transformed appreciably. This new social structuring due to amplified frequencies can be one of the clues to an essential key to unlock the secrets of how the ancient cultures claim to have utilized sounds in such extra-dimensional ways. The sounds that man makes with his voice have been the predominate instrument. Language developed to repeat events in time. Before the scribes came to record, by whatever method, the vital information of the cultures, dialects and specific vocal structurings were created to suit the geographical area the cultures were living in at that specific time. Today, however, the satellites and microwave transmitters make it possible for all cultures to hear one another simultaneously. The planet earth is truly an amplified sound sphere.

In vibratory physics there is a field of study called electro-acoustics. This area studies the means of real time, electronic sound production, and the use of digital techniques for signal generation and control, especially inter-modulation and voltage control techniques. Within the voltage-control technique category there are other new technologies being applied to vibratory physics such as biofeedback technology, to only mention one, but one that has direct relationship in understanding how man can evolve by a better and more intelligent use of sound. It has been shown in biochemical laboratories that specific tonal relationships, or specific keys Or chords can create patterns within the growth of tissue and cell cultures. It have also been determined that a continuous pulsating sound with a varying frequency for each individual allows the DNA-RNA helix to maintain its helical shape. Harmonic relationships exist within the cellular structure of all living things. This fact brings us to the main point of the harmonic relationships of our own neuronal system. Thought itself is a frequency. There is first the formation of the idea which before spoken has to have existed within the mind as so many vibrations within a unit of time. The understanding of the real world, the world as we know it to function in, also requires so many vibrations within a unit of time, or real time, to allow us to have participation with this real-time world. Since the ratio of subatomic particle structuring and the macro universe structuring are the same, it then becomes apparent what it is necessary to do for an expanded conscious state to occur. As simple as it might seem, it is necessary to have harmonic thoughts or the ability to make harmonic associations between objects and events in real time. What is a harmonic association between an object and an event in real time? F, A-sharp, and D are notes which produce a chord which in turn is a combination of tones which blend harmoniously when sounded together.

In Paris the French composer, Pierre Boulez, director of the New York Philharmonic and BBC Symphony Orchestras, has assembled an international team to staff the Institute of Research and Coordination of Acoustics and Music (IRCAM). Boulez is interested in making the new computer and microelectronic technology available directly, and applying scientific techniques to studying the physical and psychological sides of music making. Boulez is going to use psychological methods to study how the ear perceives vibrations and how cortical processes work.

Boulez' work is an outgrowth of present-day cultures wanting to explore the subtle effects of sound on the human being. The awareness of harmonic relationships between objects and events in time is essential in accelerating the evolution of man toward becoming a more involved galactic participant. The vehicle which man has created for this accelerated learning is the media with its televisions, radios, and many other communicating devices. It must be realized that radio and television are two major media outlets which act as electronic extensions of our thought processes. When these two media outlets are modulated with destructive information and unharmonious sounds, it only follows that the whole planetary organism is affected in its seeking a positive growth potential. With the evolution of these media machines, and with the advanced electronic technology, the area of study with sound that has unlimited potential in bringing about the new-age visions of man is the cybernetic machine culture. The cybernetic machine culture is something very real in many ways when the structuring of social systems is compared to circuit designs and computer logic systems. The integrated circuits, which are becoming microelectronic, represent the opposite phase of the essential nature of the universe. The essential nature of the universe brought about cellular structures through vibratory fields of electromagnetics. The mind has so developed that it can now phase in with the essential nature of the universe by creating its own harmonic oscillations through the use of computers and electronic synthesizing machines, which are necessary for originality of creative expression to flourish in the cybernetic machine culture. With the computer it will be possible to investigate the generation of sound processing. The computer will be able to process a program that will be able to combine harmonic structures and add overtones rapidly and in succession. The carbon family of elopements have unique geometric organizations of their constituent parts. These particles, or parts, are in turn kept together with sympathetic vibrations. By associating a sound with subatomic particle configurations, the beginnings come about of hearing how sound is related to universal structuring.

The thoughts which man has produced are responsible for the established social systems of today which are in turn allowing man to continue simi liar patterns of thought production. Awareness of the environment is a basic prerequisite to maximize the mind in relation to the existing space a person is in. When an environment has sound structuring, or architectonic relationships, which are sympathetic with the structuring of the elements, then the mind of man will have reached that balanced oscillation of creating a technology that could enable participation with the very force-field systems which initially allowed man himself to join in this truly remarkable awareness manifestation called life. The wedding of the machine with man in this new cybernetic age has overtones of a new civilization which through time and historical events has naturally and with complete autonomy evolved itself into the next mental mutational state of man. The electronic sound sphere we are now living in is about to become a multiplicity of harmonic vibrations enabling man to reach those higher mental dimensional states. The awareness that the very neuronal structuring within our brain is the cause for this new civilization shows how there are a great number of harmonic relationships already within the mind. The biofeedback technology that has evolved on the planet is the cybernetic machinery that will monitor man's mental evolution with his technology until he joins in the causal forces of the universe. An incredible awareness comes about when meaningful associations are made with the functions of the various media technologies.

Audio synthesizers and video synthesizers are in turn the natural media inventions which are necessary in more complex sound and visual patterning. A computer assisted system of being able to participate in the evolution of man to the essential nature of the universe, along with biofeedback devices monitoring the mind, insuring that the entire physiological system is in balance and in a positively oriented direction, will be the technological evolution which will enable man to continuously create the new cybernetic machine culture.

Participation in the essential nature of the universe utilizing a more complex patterning of sound and light in the social structure will be a reality with the next transformed civilization. The media today are the precursors of the new-age man. It is the way in which the media is utilized, however, which will determine the manner in which the transformation will occur. A high degree of consciousness must now be applied to the medium of the electronic media machines. McCluhan mentions that "the medium is the message". Many communication theorists feel the content is the affecting relationship between man and machine. However, the content can only have its existence via the modulated carrier waves that the message or content is on. When the information, message. or content has natural harmonious structural relationships then the very frequency that the information is on will create harmonic phase relationships with the frequency and amplitude modulations. Harmonic phase relationships in the media are a prerequisite for man to evolve. Therefore, it follows that the media deserves man's utmost attention. Our electronic extensions must have harmonic phase relationships similar to those that enable our minds to create harmonic relationships with sound. This is a responsibility for each and everyone of us if we are going to be able to give man a chance to evolve. The media is the mental analog to our own mind, and for this reason we exist in cohabitation; the machine and man exist together and for one another. A cybernetic harmonic sensitivity to the development of a hierarchical language system via the media in the cybernetic machine culture should be a basic awareness, as our evolution continues to bring us into an ever fuller comprehension of the universe and the space with which it is in.

The photograph and autograph added below shows Dr. Reiser sitting under the Solar Boat; a stage prop used in the performing group Ether Ship. A small brain wave analyzer sits atop the unit and is connected to what Dr. Reiser is looking at, which is the console used to make sounds with the Synthis AKS electronic syntheziser.

Willard Van De Bogart playing electronic music

The autograph was written in his book Cosmic Humanism in which a lengthy description of plasma music is discussed in chapter 12 on p. 205. Dr. Reisr was a friend and an insiration for the compositions which were written in the years prior to his passing and for many years after.

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