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The Qur"anic prophesy of "Earth Ascending" at the millennium ("a thousand years,") is confirmed by the existence of a text, Earth Ascending (1984), which describes the transition of the biosphere to the noosphere. It is the purpose of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement to prepare humanity for this momentous transition. The instruments of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, Telektonon, and Dreamspell are the tools to assist humanity in this impending process.

The sacred promise of Earth Ascending is the revelation of the psi bank-the Qur'anic "Book of Clear Records." The psi bank is the registration of all knowledge made consciously available through the elevation of mind to its fourth-dimensional functioning. The condition of mind in its fourth-dimensional functioning is the telepathic unification known as the noosphere-the mental sphere of the planet which is the invisible flowering and consequent transformation of the biosphere.

The achievment of the biosphere-noosphere transition is the realization of Earth Sovereignty, the borderless emergence of bio-regionalism and the cessation of nation states with their attendant culture of war. The rule of Earth Sovereignty is telepathy itself, God's natural fourth-dimensional government.

In a sovereign Earth, there is only one law, just as there is only one creator. In Earth Ascending this law is called holonomy, the law that governs the whole, and which allows each part to participate in and reflect the whole. Man's 12:60 government, the Tower of Babel, is a cover-up of this law by the creation of innumerable laws, each more tenuous and unenforceable than the last. According to Telektonon, this primal all-governing law of creation is called the Law of the Cube. The 13:20 timing frequency is the realization of this law as the unifying field of fourth-dimensional time.

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The clouded mental field of humanity operating at the artificial, accelerating machine frequency of 12:60 is actually at conflict with the innate 13:20 timing frequency of the planet and the galactic whole. The Earth's resonance is registered at 7.8 Hz. This number is a fractal of 78, which is a multiple of 13 (x6), and hence, a function of the 13:20 timing frequency. Unless humanity shifts its mental frequency it will bring about a greater and greater dissonance, resulting in the type of disaster that destroyed the planet Maldek, producing the asteroid belt. This point underscores the critical importance of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change as the first stage of Earth ascending to its sacred dimension.

Holonomics, the study of the one law, distinguishes three levels of wholeness. Each whole is termed a holon. There is the time holon, the tetrahedral geometry of the union of the 1st, 5th, 9th, and 13th positions of the wavespell. Encompassing the geometry of time, this is the master holon which governs all third-dimensional manifestations.

The next level is the planet holon which is the icosahedral (20-part) structure of the planet telepathically governed by the five Earth families. The activation of the noosphere and the creation of the telepathic field of governance is dependent on the success of the galactic lottery in assigning all human beings their galactic signatures.

The third and microcosmic level is the human holon. The thirteen joints of the body, the five bio-psychic centers, and the digital coding of the 20 solar frequencies in the 20 finger and toes equip the human as the biological species to consciously bring about the telepathic field of the noosphere. In fact, this is the evolutionary purpose and fulfillment of the human genetic program: to bring about an Earth ascending and return to God's natural sacred order of fourth-dimensional time.

The realization of the human holon as the microconductor of the planet holon operating within the holon of time lays the groundwork for the creation of galactic culture: the realiztion of humanity as a planetary art spore in communion with the great cosmic forces and intelligences functioning throughout the galaxy.

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