Active Learning Pedagogy part II
A new teaching methodology for a new generation of teachers
Willard Van De Bogart

Over the last four years 2005-2009 that I have been teaching and researching Active Learning as a new teaching methodology many new approaches to the student centered classroom have been developed. The following paper is a new Active learning model which can help teachers create a more dynamic learning environment. The paper was presented at the 1st International Conference on Learning and Teaching at the Bitec Center on October 17, 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand.

(Presented at Educa 2009 - October 15-17, 2009)

active learning model

Active learning methodology has become a preferred way to change the traditional teacher centered classroom into the newer student centered approach to learning. Little development, however, on the pedagogy of active learning or the assessment of student retention using active learning methodology is available in the literature. This paper addresses how active learning can support the conceptual development of the learner. How can an active learning methodology be implemented to assure that a student learns through the techniques established in active learning but taught within a new pedagogical framework?

Teaching styles which take advantage of each student’s unique way of learning will also be emphasized using cognitive activators. These cognitive activators are a pre-set of activities which prepare the student to learn independently when given an activity requiring the use an active learning technique. Cognitive activators and cognitive domains will be described in an active learning pedagogy cycle.

Full Paper: Paper: Deveveloping a Pedagogy for Active Learning (PAL) Part I
Full Paper: Paper: Active Learning Pedagogy Part II - A new teaching methodology for a new generation of teachers.
Powerpoint: Active Learning Pedagogy Part II

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