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A Global Action of "Temporary Non-Continuance"


Willard Van De Bogart

Associated Press photo, appeared in SF Chronicle, Feb 9, 2000, pg A10
Time Photo Essay of Grozny

As we look upon this once charming city of Grozny, and now see only charred remains, not only of buildings, but also of the countless thousands of people buried alive in these basements, we have to ask ourselves what are we as humans that can inflict such pain and horror on one another even as we enter the 21st century? Here we gaze upon a once thriving metropolis with tree lined streets, universities, libraries, hospitals, state buildings, fountains; all of which made up the city of Grozny in the Soviet province called Chechen.

How many of us in our media-rich cultures have even been following this human tragedy over the decade of the 90's? Now there is nothing to follow or salvage. Grozny is an empty tomb as a trophy to the revenge, and self-righteousness for retaliatory claims that we can only guess at the truth of such claims.

How many young men and women had to be sacrificed to lay claim to the correctness of a blatant barbaric campaign of utter annihilation? Now that only smoke and ashes, charred bodies and countless memories of family and civic life of Grozny are left, how must we as planetary conscious beings react? Do we say it is their problem and not ours? Better them than me? Too bad, better luck next time? Or do we fill our hearts and minds with the self determination to try to understand, and try to feel the pain and misery that has filtered into our lives from Grozny for over ten years.

Can we afford to move forward into the future doing business as usual while hundreds of thousands of people are having their lives altered forever? The hatred that is being generated, not only in Grozny, but in Beirut, Pristina, Bogota, Lima, Baghdad, Rwanda and so many more, are all adding to the continued frustration created by the imposition of individual wills against other peoples needs. It is of extreme importance to look at this global behavior ever so closely.

There are countless serious questions that need to be voiced on a level more personal than UN Council referendums, or sanctioned congressional actions, or religious dispensations. As a people that are exposed to global actions with the new planetary information infrastructure, and to those people who have a deep sense of planetary consciousness, we must ask ourselves... "who are we as a race of humans"... when we gaze upon the advertised atrocities humankind inflicts upon itself daily? What kind of voice needs to be heard to allow humans to grow into their destined potentials, as creative souls, in the universe, and in the beginning of a new millennium?

Deep within the global psyche, I am sure, there is a nervousness and fear every time a bomb is dropped on civilians anywhere in the world. Countless thousands are at this moment, and every moment, huddled in underground facilities for fear of being eliminated from the opportunity to witness the morning sunrise.

What voice needs to speak so it can be heard, and that we as a global community can hear this pain, and we as a global concerned citizenry can do something that will cause a change in these human tragedies?

As we look at Grozny no more, and realize this is the year 2000, we must consider who we are to watch this atrocity daily, and allow it to continue, thinking that it is not our problem. The truth is, it is our problem!

Wedged in between every body lying on the ground there is another increase in the global stock index. For every maimed body that has suffered from the political sanctions of sovereignty and justice lies a new scientific discovery. For every uprooted person in the world there lies a new hit musical to express happiness and joy. And we daily accept this as the way this planet is evolving. I offer the thought that for every human that has been destroyed one less song should be played, one less investment negotiated, and that a complete planetary stillness take place by all people who seek balance, and give no support for any system which threatens peoples daily lives by weapons of mass destruction. Weapons by themselves are useless when not being used by humans. Business as usual has to stop.

It is not non-action, but "temporary non-continuance" that will diffuse the mechanism that is causing our continual hatred to be acted out upon one another. Unless we stop our business as usual we will be constantly allowing the suffering of people to continue as those of us continually try to enjoy our own lives, and our own successes without the awareness of human elimination and environmental degradation all over the planet. It is the system we support that is killing us. The indigenous people have practically disappeared from the face of the earth.

Planetary healing and individual recognition is far more important for the continuance of the human race than a global system that continuously fuels mass destruction, allows environmental disruption to fuel mass destruction, and promotes media coverage to inform of us of this destruction. We must stop what we are doing completely before we, as an informed planetary race of humans, can evolve into the future. We can pick up where we left off when we have achieved the honoring of the human spirit. We have to stop or else everything will stop, as all the fish in the Tisa river in Hungary stopped living Feb 14, 2000, due to a cyanide spill. The AIDS virus has killed over 20 million people, and growing. Was it natural or man made? Depends on who you talk to. We have an eternity to evolve, and better we evolve with a whole mind, body and spirit than more charred remains of bodies with the likes of Grozny on our conscience. A global action of "temporary non-continuance" may sound like a simplistic solution, but it is a necessary bold and courageous action. We need a moratorium on our evolution, because its our evolution that is killing us. If there are no more butterflies who eat the pollen from genetically altered corn, then there may be no more people who eat the same corn. If there are no more Julia Butterflies there may be no more trees to climb. If we don't know where we are going we will never get there. If we don't care how many people join us there may be no one left to continue. We need to awaken from the nightmare. We don't have to live in the dark. We need a global awakening. We need it now. We can do it. Lets do it.

Completed March 1, 2000

Latest news update from Moscow March 20, 2003:

Rebel Leader tells Chechens to reject Russian Plan in referendum

Demanding full independence, Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov on Tuesday rejected Moscow's latest offer of wider autonomy for Chechnya linked to the outcome of a key reginal referendum in five days time.
Russian President Vladimir Putin told Chenchens in a televised address that if they approved a new constitution in a referrendum next Sunday, their devastated homeland would gain a special status and broad control over their affairs.
"For centuries our ancestors have not recognized Russian power, and now they are trying to force us to vote at gunpoint," Maskhadov said in remarks quoted on separatist website Kavkaz Centre
"I appeal to all who value our long-suffering country, all who value the honor of our nation, to all our republic's citizens to unite at this hard time, and to openly declare that there can be no alternative to an independent Chechen state." - Reuters.

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