Ether Ship Log Book - 1999

Ether Ship Log Book


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February 19, 1999

The appearance of entities from other worlds has been causing renewed interest in the eventual acceptance of the fact that visitors from another dimension are now among us. Futhermore, recent findings on Earth indicates the visitors have been here before. These events are allowing humans to be highly receptive to new technological innovations. Members of the Central Civilization who travel at speeds faster than the speed of light and now slowing their frequency rates to enter the Earth environment. The slowing down of the speed of light has been introduced into the human awareness field through passing a laser light beam through the "Bose-Einstein condensate". The next level of understanding will be to translate the optical information coming from the center of the galaxy, and this will be the introduction to our presence on Earth. At first it will be difficult to assimilate the knowledge, but it will be necessay to learn how to save the planet from destruction. There is no choice at this time but to reveal our existence since we know the Earth population is close to star seed capabilities. The final gestation rate will be complete in 13 more years in 2012. The alignment with the Central Civilation and Earth has taken place. There will be profound changes in human awareness before the year 2000.

At this time the advice is to stay calm and still. Create a stable mind set, slow down any nervous behavior and process this energy. This is a divine time and the energy will lift the spirits and the higher aspects of humankinds emerging evolution. Quiet meditation and mantras can be very helpful. One in particular has been developed by the Sikhs:

It goes thusly:
(The true one, The all-pervading)

(The Immortal, Unchanging, Dynamic Divine Power)

(The Omnipotent, Omniscient, Creative Personality)

(Incomprehensible, Limitless, Beyond Fear or Enmity)

(Beyond Time, Space and Form, Before all beginnings and after all endings.)

(Free from Cycle of Birth and Death, the Self-manifested)

(The Loving Merciful Enlightener realized within his grace, Through Total Submission to His Will.)

March 12, 1999

The awakening of Earth centric consciousness is beginning to take place. Preparations have been going on for some time with messages from a long time ago, and are now being listened to. Details are now becoming extremely important. How something works in a mental field is of extreme importance. A synthesis of the ephermeral and the precise is causing an awareness to be applied to the conscious mind set. Creative acts will emerge from this. Allowing these new forms to breath is essential. Green is an imporant color at this time. Breathing is of extreme importance. The planet is about to phase lock with magnificent cosmic radiation being reflected from the sun. There is a wash of very penetrable radiation from the center of the galaxy. Passgae is about to begin. It is not even half way until the year 2000. These are abitrary frame works, but the timing is very similar.

Everything must stop. Something is about to happen. The psycho-social mechanism is causing a shift in attention to reality. It is possible to listen to the fabric of existence.

We are very much here with you at this time. We are familiar with cosmic psycho-motor functioning. We will be adding newer frequencies as needed. Star seeding is very close. We are here.

July 2,1999

The entry of Comet Lee is causing great concern on Earth at this time. This is the preparation that will be needed for the arrival of our civilzation to this sector of the galaxy. Great disturbances are now visible on the Sun and this will increase until August, and last for over a year. Higher frequencies are now penetrating every fabric of life, and an awakening will take place simultaneously all over the planet. This is an extremely important time to stay centered and balanced. Process all these frequencies, and all will be calm. This is a momentous leap into the next phase of evolution for humanity. The days of Sumer are returning. It will be very different from what is expected. Chandra is here to help.

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