Ether Ship Log Book - 1997

Ether Ship Log Book


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February 16, 1998

Contact has been made with the human mind field. Coding of the human operational system can now take place. New models are being created as a result of increased comprehension of rapid processing speeds. There will begin to take place a mental govenor to harness the unleashed human energy field. The frequency rate increase can cascade any system that is needed to further the human evolutionay potential. There may be flash fields in front of the minds eye as a result of this speed. The best advice is to focus the intention of evolution on the energy field. In this way constructive and systematic comprehension can go forward into an ever more complex arrangement of these mental force fields. The collective field will have for the first time unlimited resources, as humans know of them, for the continual utilization of the human mind field; a by product of the larger universal enegy field.

March 13, 1998

Millions of humans are becoming aware of the presence of other life forms entering the planet. Shortly the appearance of these entities will be apparent. Travis Walton was not deluded.

June 4, 1998

It is apparent that there are limitations to optimal human fuctioning with rapid processing speeds. There is being exhibited unusual behavior on many different levels of development. Processing is mirroring the processing for reality construction. The human needs the organic body to perform evolutionary electric discharge functions for thought creation. Again, looking through the evolutionary force field is more productive than getting caught in a thought projection disaster. Many hightened sensory systems will be inputing new data on reality. Response systems affecting enzymes, glands, and other systems that depend on magnetic fields to function by are being tested for stamina and endurance. In a sense, there is an awakening taking place whereby more thoughts are being managed and created. Staying on track mentally is a good metaphor seeing as high speed mecahnical systems are reaching the limits of human control.

Insertion of new archetypes is now possible. Star system consciousness will now take on a greater meaning. The popular television series X-File is about to release a movie based on the TV series. Chris Carter is empolying his mental field for this purpose. Jungs treatise on Flying Saucers is now appropriate reading.

June 30, 1998

This is a message from the great universe cruiser star ship Ether Ship. The mental field is becoming unloosened whereby it will be possible to go beyond the confines of personal identity and go more into the total mind field. Thought forms now will be seen as the real life force and it is within this field our central civilization is beginning to insert more coding systems for multiple referencing (evolutionary models of information transmission) to assist in seeing the effects of single focused intentionality. More people will be entering these fields as more acceptance to this reality and the ability to work with it becomes more apparent. Scientists at Stanford University, in Palo Alto California are conducting serious research into the authentication of the appearance of intelligence from another place in the universe or perhaps another dimension. The great universe cruiser has entered many times with its citizens trying to help in many concrete ways without overtly scaring or frightening the global population. Alan Alford from England has publised his book on our concrete existence called Gods of the New Millennium.. Magnificent visions of other worlds are about to make their entry into the global psyche. It will be a new time of wonder, and an urgent sense of cooperation to maintain planetary functioning will be a new mandate for survival.

November 4, 1998

The increased energy coming from galactic center is starting the new metamorphosis of the human race. New archetypes have been created to help adjust the higher mental planes in order to assimilate the new awareness coming about as the year 2012 comes closer.

The presence of another intelligence coming to earth has become a foregone conclusion in the psyche of many earth humans. The ability to balance the polarities of the Earth's magnetic fields, within the mind, is creating sever tension all over the planet. Unusual weather conditions will also be reacting to this new psychic envelope developing on the planet. Soon humans will begin to use these larger electro-magnetic fields as resonant amplifiers to attain these higher dimensional thought fields. Once a mass of humans reach these dimensions there will automatically be a cascading of this new intelligence into the psyche of Earth humans. The time is approaching when a mass enlightenment will take place.

December 3, 1998

All attention on galactic center, the source of the Central Civilization, and the source of all higher dimensional beings has been released through the uncovering of the ancient Izapan civilization in Southern Mexico. The energy emmisions now coming from galactic center are creating a quickening of higher intelligence for all Earth humans.

The core of the Earth will now radiate a new emmision frequency in resonant frequency with the direct alignment of galactic center. The culmination, and final transport into the next World Age will occur on December 21st, 2012. The orb of influence on the galactic equator, through 23 degrees Saggitarius, is where the homing frequency lies. The ancient caves of Malaysia is where the most direct assimilation of the transmission will take place. Other caves deep in the Earth is also where the transmission can be heard.

The entire planet is now responding to this new frequency. Earth changes will become much more dramatic. Maintaining a deep centering within the psyche as well as experiencing the deep centering within the Earth will ease the new instructions coming at the Earth at light speed.

December 16, 1998

The highest intensity of cosmic energy is about to wash through our solar system. Time annomalies will be felt and extreme memory flashes will appear in the minds eye. Dreams will become as vivid as waking time. We will be watching all these activities very closely.

A most significant astrological event in the history of humanity is about to occur. The equinoxes and the solstices form a cross in the sky that appears to rotate around in 26,000 years. Every 6500 years, either the equinoxes or the solstices are aligned with the equator of our Galaxy. The equator of our Galaxy is what we are looking at when we see the stars of the Milky Way on a dark, clear night. The Winter Solstice in December 1998, will have the center of the Sun precisely aligned with the center of the galactic equator. This marks the time of a major influx of galactic and star energy into the Earth and the beginning of a galactic initiation which will be complete in the thirteen or so years till 2012.
The "Earth Cross" formed in the sky by the equinoxes and the solstices is aligning within our Galaxy, a most important astrological event in the history of our human civilization. The tropical zodiac used in astrology is based on this "Earth Cross" and so too is aligning within the Galaxy.

If you could see "through" the Sun at the moment of this year's Winter Solstice, (Dec. 21-22, 1998) you would be able to see that the "center of the Sun" is precisely aligned with the center of the Milky Way, technically called the galactic equator.
This is "the" celestial event signaling the Earth's initiation into the next level of its evolution. The galactic "window" is open between 1998 and 2001. This is in preparation for the "Galactic Wave" Event in 2012.

The New Moon on December 18, 1998 will be astrologically aligned with Galactic Center. This is an important time to release ALL unnecessary "programs" from the past and prepare for the new energy coming in.

It is from Galactic Center that all the stars that we see in the night sky receive their spiritual guidance. Ever since the Earth was created, the Pleiades have been functioning as a local center for galactic transmissions for the Earth. From this galactic perspective, the Earth is just now evolving to where it can receive energy and frequencies directly from the Galactic Center. In galactic astrology, the center of the Galaxy is analogous to the Higher Self."

We have made it possible to now search the heavens for our arrival. Seti at Home

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