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I, José Argüelles, called the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987. I had been told of these prophetic dates by Tony Shearer in 1970, many years before I met Hunbatz Men (early 1985). In 1987, I wrote The Mayan Factor based on 33 years of research and study. Prior to The Mayan Factor , in 1975, I wrote The Transformative Vision whose historical scheme was based on the prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells which ended with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. In 1984, my book Earth Ascending was published utilizing my studies of the Tzolkin as a self-existing mathematical code unlocking the patterns underlying the evolution of the collective human consciousness.

If I had not called the Harmonic Convergence and written The Mayan Factor which focused unprecedented popular attention on the Tzolkin, Haab, and all other aspects of the Mayan Calendar, including many original mathematical analyses, outside of the Day Keepers in Mayab, there would be no Mayan Calendar movement anywhere in the world today.

I did not arrive at my understanding of these matters lightly, nor without profound research, contemplation, and consideration. In 1989, at the first opening of the Mayan Initiatic Centers at Palenque, Chiapas, Hunbatz Men honored me by inviting me to make the opening public presentation. At this time I also personally met Alberto Ruz Buenfils, son of Alberto Ruz who discovered the tomb of Pacal Votan in 1952. I might add that it was I who introduced Hunbatz Men to Barbara Hand Clow of Bear & Co. who then published translations of Hunbatz Men's two books, Mayan Science/Religion and Hunab Ku.

Pursuing my research late in 1989, I went on to make the discovery of the 13:20, the correct timing frequency known and codified by the ancient Maya in their calendars, and the false 12:60 artificial timing frequency codified in the Vatican's Gregorian Calendar and the mechanical clock. From this fundamental scientific discovery, with the aid of my wife, Lloydine, I discovered and brought forth the tools known as the Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, the final proofs of the mathematical codes underlying what is known as the Mayan calendar. The

Dreamspell itself is predicated on the use and acceptance of the Thirteen Moon 28 Day Calendar. Without the Dreamspell , there would certainly be no Mayan calendar movement at all on as vast a scale as it exists today.

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The Harmonic Convergence, The Mayan Factor, and the Dreamspell are all based on the July 26 synchronization date. It was by following the calendar based on this synchronization date that I was able to verify the Harmonic Convergence as a test of Mayan time science. This synchronization date (July 16 before 1582) was used long before Bishop de Landa had pangs of conscience concerning his book burning. This date of July 26 belongs to the prophetic tradition of the Chilam Balam, which is the only tradition maintaining a continuity with the era of the Long Count, which ended with the completion of Baktun 10, AD 830. The tradition of the prophetic texts and the July 26 date of the Chilam Balam precedes the time of the conquest and extends, with the Codex Perez , well into the Nineteenth Century.

To use March 21 as the synchronization date may be good for the Northern Hemisphere, but for the Southern Hemisphere that date marks the Fall Equinox. This does not make good sense for all Peoples of the planet. It is important to avoid ethnocentric positions of all kinds including the Mayan. The point of the Mayan Calendar and its mathematical codes is that they are universal and transcend ethnic and local geographical interests.

The Harmonic Convergence, the discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies and the Dreamspell, are for the entire planet and not necessarily to promote a provincial Mayan revival. To repeat: there would be no Mayan revival nor Mayan calendar movement of any kind today had there not been a Harmonic Convergence, a Mayan Factor, and a Dreamspell. The point of all of my work has been to arrive at a planetary, whole systems perspective. We have a planetary problem. The entire planet is operating with the wrong calendar and living in the wrong, artificial timing frequency, the 12:60. This planetary problem can only be corrected by planetary use of the correct calendar operating according to the correct 13:20 timing frequency. The correct and biologically accurate calendar for the whole planet is the Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar correlated to the July 26 synchronization date. The entire Neo-Mayanist Calendar movement that has arisen following all of my initial work misses this planetary point completely.

Precisely because the point was being missed by virtually everyone, the

Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan was triggered into manifestation on the prophetic date Kin 144, July 26, 1993, thus initiating the first of the Seven Years of Prophecy. There are such matters as divine revelation and new dispensations. There are Messengers who do bring good tidings and warnings to all humanity. The Prophecy of Pacal Votan sealed in his tomb, Long Count date,, AD 692, was meant to be revealed precisely at this time, precisely for the purpose of announcing to all humanity the need to reject the false colonialist Gregorian Calendar and to accept the correct Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar. Through my knowledge and life-time work, I am the heir of the legacy of Pacal Votan and the instrument of his prophecy, Telektonon..

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For three years with my wife and assistant, Lloydine, I have traveled around the planet, without asking for recompense, communicating Pacal Votan's prophetic message of thirteen moons to all peoples regardless of their religion, culture, or creed. In these three years, the Neo- Mayanists have spread, but with little knowledge of the 13:20-12:60 timing frequencies and their implications for a planetary game plan.

The Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Haab are perfectly correlated on the Dreamspell Galactic Compass. It is superstition to believe that this mathematical perfection should not be so. The Thirteen Moon Calendar is the salvation for humanity living in biospheric sovereignty. The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is not a Neo-Mayanist revival, but is based on the scientific discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies. The 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies are prophetically confirmed by the dates of the dedication of the tomb of Pacal Votan, AD 692, to the time of its opening, AD 1952--1260 years--and to the conclusion of the Thirteen Baktuns, AD 2012--1320 years.

In the three years of its activation, the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has spread to all parts of the world. Eighteen countries were represented at the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, Brazilia, Solar Moon 11-15, Third Year of Prophecy (26 years to the dates precisely of the First Whole Earth Festival, March 17-21, 1970). The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is a new human community transcending all 12:60 fictions of national interest and money. The power of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, which includes the Tzolkin and Haab, vindicates the truth of the original Mayan Calendar. The Telektonon, Game of Prophecy restores the power of telepathy through the use of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. The mathematical proofs underlying the 12:60-13:20 timing frequency are now available in my book, The Call of Pacal Votan, Time Is the Fourth Dimension.

The Dreamspell, like the Telektonon, and the Thirteen Moon Calendar itself are intended as a gift for all of humanity. People may take from the Dreamspell or dismiss it all together in favor of a Neo-Mayanist approach as they so choose. But that is like having a horse pull a car, when the car runs perfectly well by itself. Incidentally, the dates of the Thirteen Moon Calendar are only one day off from the traditional dates of the thirteen houses or constellations of the Mayan zodiac (see Hugh Harleston, The Mayan Zodiac).

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The point of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is to return all of humanity to the natural 13:20 timing frequency before it is too late. The Thirteen Moon Calendar is the perfect instrument for this task, and is prophetically ordained to synchronize on the July 26 date. There are powerful agents who do not wish to see the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement succeed. The continuing controversy over starting dates perpetrated by the Neo-Mayanists only plays into the hands of these agents.

Whether we are Neo-Mayanists or followers of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, we have much more in common than not. Let us come together on this one common point of July 26 and peacefully take the rest of the world with us. We are too few in number to bog down in divisiveness at this critical time. Once we have succeeded in placing humanity in the correct timing frequency with the correct calendar, we can work out our minor differences. In Lake'ch!

In service to the Earth, Spectral Moon 23, Kin 136, Third Year of Prophecy

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