Henry Niese

Ceremonial Art

Henry Niese continues his research and activities concerning primordial ceremonial structures, art and music.

His latest structure is a 40 foot diameter hexagonal council circle made of red oak timbers, cut into a wooded hillside, with a stone council fireplace at the center. The circle seats 60.

Henry and members of his group, Eagle Voice, constructed domed ceremonial structures and a large fireplace at the Sundance on the Rosebud Reservation, SD which were used by all dancers and participants of the Sundance. Henry danced his 16th Sundance on the Rosebud, as well as, helping with the design of the dance arbor. At the Sundance, Henry was adopted and given the honor name Wicasala Cante Tanka, "Litle Big Hearted Man".

Henry Niese was invited to speak and read from his new book at Virginia Tech. recently. He also spoke and showed work at Friend's School, Baltimore and elsewhere.

Other activities include building archetypal ceremonial structures in VA, WV, and MD, a concert by Eagle Voice Drum at American University, a ceremony with Eagle Voice Dancers and Drum at the Peace Light, Gettysburg National Battlefield, sponsored by NPS and Gettysburg College and other events, including a 3 HR. presentation to the Jung Working Group, Maryland Institute, Baltimore.

Council Fire Ceremonial Circle
Red Oak 2"x12" planks: 12"x12"x18" cubes with stone firepit
hexagonal structure 40' in diameter, 1994

Eagle Voice Center

Eagle Voice Center is an educational center, following cultural and traditional Native American teachings which say - This Earth is Sacred. and All my Relations. Teachings done by Henry and Paula Niese and their son Cody.

The Grandfathers taught that when we human beings come together in harmony, putting aside ego, jealousy, and hate - when we put our minds together to work for the future of our children - that anything is possible, and doing this will keep us healthy and happy. They taught us that this concentration of minds as one mind can bring down on us from Above a great blessing and power, including the healing power to redeem and renew this precious life we have to live.

Sundance Arbor in Winter 60' diameter, 1981-actual in use in Summers as dance arbor

Luminous Circle - 80' diameter, 1997

Areas of learning:

Box 44, Glenelg, MD 21737

Eagles Speak Medicine Society

Henry Niese is on the High Council for the Brotherhood of Eagles Speak Medicine Society. This society is a religious and cultural self-help organization of imprisoned Native Americans, Native American spiritualists and the families, friends and general supporters of the same. The principal office is located at the Maryland State Penitentiary in Baltimore, MD. The Eagles Speak Magazine is also published and submissions are to made to Chad "Black Buffalo" Hansen, #189-954, 954 Forrest Street, Maryland State Penitentiary, Baltimore, MD 21202.

For 10 years Henry Niese has been the religious volunteer for Native American groups in the Maryland penitentiary system. "Most of the guys are mixed blood like me", says Henry. “Like Chief Eagle Feather said, one drop is enough". The only thing I look at is if they are willing to follow the Lakol Wicohan. It is pitiful. There are Indians from Central and South America - Quechua Inca Indians in there. All of them are veterans of different wars, mostly Vietnam. “I have taught them a few songs”, Henry says, “like a Pipe song and a veterans song, and they got the rest from Sinte Gleshke thru the mail. That Sacred Pipe gives them a center and stability they can not get elsewhere.”

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