Film Chamber at new Cinema Workshop

New Cinema Workshop: Film Chamber

5744 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1968-1969

Photos by Walt Seng

Photograph showing Willard Van De Bogart (Will Bogart) in doorway of New Cinema Workshop and sitting in front of the curved projection screen.
Girls in window at New Cinema Workshop are: Left - Lynn Shuler, Right - Mary Dixon
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The New Cinema Workshop was the original home of the Pittburgh Independent Filmmakers and founded by Willard Van De Bogart.
For the beginng history of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers click here: Early History Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Scanned copy of registration of the Pittsburgh Independent Filmmakers with the State of Pennsylvania April 30, 1969
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Here's the Pittsburgh Filmmakers info:
There are and have been many Pittsburgh experimental / underground film advocates / programmers - Elizabeth Raphael, Willard Van De Bogart, Sally Dixon, Charles Glassmire, Will Bogart, Mark Lewis, Bill Judson, Robert Haller, Bruce Posner, Bill Boichel, Jeff Armstrong, Michael Johnsen, Pat Shea, Gordon Nelson, Jim Mueller, Adam Abrams, the unknown programmer(s) at CMU in 1969 until 19??, etc... It's been fertile ground for over 30 years. (see Millenium Film Journal No. 3 Winter/Spring 1979 - Independent Film in Pittsburgh by Lucy Fischer and Bill Judson).

Sometime in April Anthology will be presenting a number of programs featuring films from Pittsburgh's avant garde film past. Robert Haller will be on hand as the MC and the author of a new book documenting the Pittsburgh scene of the 1970's. Sally Dixon is slated to be one of the many visiting guests. Give Anthology a call for the real details.

The New Cinema Workshop was also the location of the "Film Chamber" which was a curvilinear projection environment with a curved screen which gave the illusion of three dimensions when films were projected onto the surface. The technique was developed by Willard Van De Bogart and was exhibited at the National Film Board of Canada in 1969. Link to newspaper article on the curved screen inside the Film Chamber May 1970

The Film Chamber was mentioned in the book Arthropods:New Design Futures by: Jim Burns - It is in the category Man/Machine Media.

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