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Please receive our warmest greetings of Peace›:
In de Site of the University for Peace, (U.N) in Costa Rica, Central America, from (24 at 28 Crystal Moon and Cosmic Moon 1 (June 22-27, 1999,)
Map of Costa Rica

This event will gather world authorities on the areas of Science, Art, Education, Environment, Politics and Religion.

The purpose of the Summit is to analize, discuss and propose eventual actions to take about areas so urgent everywhere in the world as Peace, Biosphere, Wealth, Education, Spirituality, Art and Culture›; also, the Summit will put special attention on the study of the effect that the notion of time has in humanity and the convenience of changing our present artificial calendar for one which is in harmony with the natural cycles of our planet and the cosmos.

The participants shall work in seven different comissions, specialized in these areas. Efforts will be oriented towards the study,debate, amendment and ratification of a solemn. Moral Referendum and Declaration of the Summit on Peace and Time. This Declaration will be presented to the United Nations, in order to implement the urgent necessary suitable actions to guarantee the survival and high quality of life in our humanity.

We beg you to pleace reply at your earliest convenience (E-mails, phones and faxes that we offer). We consider your presence in this Magnificient Event is of the utmost importance. We trust you will do everything feasible to particpate in the Summit and contribute for a better future. The destruction is certainly avoidable. It is in our hands to change the present course and recover lost faculties to live in peace, internal harmony, health and grow.

Yours truly
World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement Costa Rica

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1490 - 2050 (Co. E. Nieto) San Pedro, Costa Rica. C.A.

The World Summit on Peace and Time

The Seven Commissions:

  1. Commission on Time: Mandate the world-wide calendar reform.
  2. Commission on Peace: Mandate a sweeping universal disarmament program which abolishes war as an instrument of human mediation.
  3. Commission on Wealth: Mandate a program for the equalization of wealth and global economic reorganization.
  4. Commission on the Biosphere: Mandate a program for the regeneration of the biosphere based on Indigenous Rights.
  5. Commission on Education: Mandate the promulgation of a new "HomeSchool" educational model.
  6. Commission on Spirituality: Mandate an alliance of all of the different spiritual traditions to be a unified voice and guiding agent of support for the conversion of the human social order.
  7. Commission on Art and Culture: Mandate a program for the reintegration of art as a community building form of reawakening culture among all of the people of the Earth.

The purpose of the Commissions is to define the issues and the immediate steps to be taken in each of the seven areas, and to ratify the "Declaration of the World Summit on Peace and Time," charging the United Nations with the responsibility to authorize and announce the World Calendar Change, July 26, 1999.

Your participation will be of inestimable value in the preservation of our sacred biosphere and the restoration of humanity to the natural time of universal peace.

WSPT Schedule and General Program Notes

The World Summit on Peace and Time is an unprecedented gathering called by civil society-the people of the Earth acting in their own sovereignty-on behalf of the cause of calendar reform. The document "Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization," should be read and studied by all participants. The history of calendar reform and the issues involved far transcend a mere change in the manner or form by which we account for our daily time reckoning. The Declaration of Calendar Reform has also been prepared in advance. The task which those who have gathered for the Summit have accepted is to create a mandate for Calendar Reform that will be presented to the Secretary General of the United Nations and to the head of the Vatican, Pope John Paul II. This mandate will take the form the "People's Declaration of Calendar Reform and Moral Referendum." The Moral referendum will consist of the reform measures established by each of the Seven Commissions of the World Summit on Peace and Time.

The main activity of the Summit will be the work of the Seven Commissions. It is assumed that the calendar change in and of itself will be the pretext for declaring a universal cease-fire, a breathing space for peace. It is also assumed that peace is a dynamic activity that is far more than the absence of war. A positive working definition is that peace is the natural culture of the biosphere. The justifying cause of the calendar reform is the displacement of the human species from the natural timing cycles of the biosphere. By rejecting the timing standard that had enforced the deviation from the biospheric norm, and, by adopting a calendar in accord with the natural timing cycles, the first step at establishing a genuine culture of peace may be taken.

Each of the Commissions will assume that the Calendar Change is to occur and therefore, each Commission will have a simple problem solving task: given the adoption of a new calendar of perpetual and harmonious regularity, and the opportunity to restructure the various human institutions accordingly, what is the very first reform measure to be mandated in accord with the new calendar? Once each of the Commissions has identified what this reform measure might be for its Commission, the next task is to map the consequences of that single reform measure over the duration of one year, divided into four equal quarters of thirteen weeks each. Once the reform measure has been defined and mapped, then it will be the task of the Commission to formulate that measure as a Resolution constituting one of the mandates of the Moral Referendum to be attached to the Declaration of Calendar Reform.

Once the Commissions have completed their assignment, then the findings and recommendations of each of the Commissions will be presented to the General Assembly for final approval. Once all of the Resolutions of the Commissions have been heard and approved by the General Assembly, then they will be put into their final form along with the Declaration of Calendar Reform to constitute the "People's Declaration of Calendar Reform and Moral Referendum." The Closing Session of the Summit will be the formal reading and presentation of this document before the General Assembly of the World Summit on Peace and Time.

These proceedings will be concluded with the ceremonial empowerment of the two "Time of Peace Emissary Teams," the one which will go to the United Nations and the other which will go to the Vatican to deliver the Declaration. These two Teams will have a 20-day time frame to meet their goal. The minimal expectation is that the Secretary-General and the Pope will make a joint announcement regarding the Calendar Reform, no later than July 26, 1999.

In addition to the formal program schedule listed below, there will be ample time in the evenings for topical or in-depth presentations by participants, musical concerts, networking, and a specially prepared exhibit by Summit Coordinator, Dr. Jose Arguelles, entitled "Art of Peace, Science of Time."

While each Commission will consist of a small group of 5-7 invited participants, select members of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement will also circulate among the Commissions and be available for technical advice and support. Dr. Ashok Gangadean, Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute will be the on-site coordinator facilitating the Commissions through the process known as "deep dialogue." This is a method for assuring that discussions and group interaction are maintained at a 'global awakening' rather than egoic level of consciousness, thus transforming the group process according to the goals that are called for by the Summit. While the morning sessions of Days 2 and 3 will be for focused Commission work, the afternoon sessions are meant to provide the opportunity for networking and sharing of the work in progress between members of the various commissions. Commissions have the option of maintaining a single chairperson or rotating the chair daily.


Day 1, Crystal Moon 24, Yellow Crystal Sun (June 22, 1999)
Introduction and Welcome, Dr. Rodrigo Carazo, founder of the University for Peace and former President of Costa Rica
Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization. Summit overview by coordinators, Dr. Jose and Lloydine Arguelles
Deep Dialogue, Global Awakening and the performance of the Seven Commissions of the World Summit on Peace and Time, Dr. Ashok Gangadean, Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College, Founder-Director, Global Dialogue Institute
General Orientation by the WSPT Coordinating Committee
2:00-4:00: Lunch Break
Seven Commissions, small group focus, Introductory meetings.

Day 2, Crystal Moon 25, Red Cosmic Dragon (June 23, 1999)
Seven Commissions, small group focus
12:00-2:00 Lunch Break
Seven Commissions, small group networking

Day 3, Crystal Moon 26, White Magnetic Wind (June 24, 1999)
Seven Commissions, small group focus
12:00-2:00: Lunch Break
Seven Commissions, small group networking

Day 4, Crystal Moon 27, Blue Lunar Night (Gregorian June 25, 1999)
Seven Commissions, small group focus final meeting
12:00-2:00: Lunch Break
General Assembly First Session Commission Hearings

Day 5, Crystal Moon 28, Yellow Electric Seed (Gregorian, June 26, 1999)
General Assembly Second Session Commission Hearings
12:00-2:00: Lunch Break
General Assembly Final Session Commission Hearings

Day 6, Cosmic Moon 1, Red-Self-Existing Serpent (Gregorian June 27, 1999)
Closing Remarks, Dr. Rodrigo Carazo, Dr. Ashok Gangadean,
Reading of Declaration of Calendar Reform, Dr. and Mrs. Josť ArgŁelles and WSPT Coordinating Team.
Ceremonial empowerment and send off of the "Time of Peace Emissary Teams."

Schedule subject to change with daily updates.
WSPT Fax: +506 237 8845
e-mail: ritmica

Truth is Love. Tolerance is Justice. Peace is Forever.
Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

Please reply at your earliest convenience to:

Costa Rica›:
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World Summit on Peace and Time
PAN Central Coordinating Core
P.O. Box 6413
Portland, OR 97228 USA

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